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    Is there a way to Embed the form code right into an email so that the person receiving the form receives the form and not a button they have to click to get to the form?

    Looking to make it one step for our folks instead of 2. If the form opens in their email they may be more inclined to immediately respond instead of ignoring the button :)

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    Emily W.

    Hey there!

    At this time, this is not a current feature. This is something that you would have to post in the source code of the email, however, it is still going to show them a tab to click on:

    I know that is not exactly what you are hoping for but I do hope the suggestion is helpful. 

    We appreciate your feedback!

    Happy Breezing!

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    Is there a way to have a transparent background for the form?

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    Emily W.

    Hey Hannah!

    The forms section is very robust in what it offers for making it efficient and quick, yet it was designed to keep things user friendly and simple. 

    With this in mind, there are still a few limitations when it comes to customizing the forms. Everything you are able to customize about the form can be found in the settings included changing the background of the form:

    Here is an additional resource that will be most helpful as you edit the settings of your form: Editing Form Settings

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    I am pushing to use breeze for more forms and billing, but we often will use/embed multiple forms onto a single registration page on our website. When we use multiple embeds specifically there is something about the embed.js file that makes it so only one of the forms will work. If I manually do an iframe with the link, that will work fine, but it makes it harder for our staff who doesn't have coding experience. 

    Is that something that could be addressed? Not sure what else to do other than manually code more things.

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    Hey @nboehnen, Thanks for your question!  This is a bug/issue that we've been tracking.  Our development team has been made aware and they've got it on their list for fixing. Unfortunately in the mean time we don't have any other great alternatives - but we do hope to have the issue fixed as soon as possible.  

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