Sharing a Form

How to share a form outside of Breeze

Breeze forms are intended to be shared outside of Breeze. With this in mind, the "Forms" section of Breeze is meant for those of an Administrator/Staff/Volunteer-level to create, edit, share, and view form entries. This space is not intended to be used to find and fill out the forms. 
To share a form :

  1. Navigate to "More > Forms."
  2. Click "Share Form" under the name of the form you'd like to share.
  3. Use one of the available options listed below to share the form:
    • Form Address - A link to the form that you can direct people to, email to others, and post to Facebook and other social media sites.
    • Link - Have your web developer include a link to the form from your website.
    • Embed - Embed the form directly on your website.
Forms cannot be embedded directly into an email. Your recipients will not be able to fill out and submit them from an email, it must be embedded into a website.

How to share a form with members (users) inside of Breeze

Some churches would rather share a form with users in Breeze. It makes sense, your users have access to their own profiles in Breeze, and you would like them to be able to see available forms and fill them out in Breeze. This can be done! 

We will use Customized Profile Fields to share forms in Breeze: 


First, we will,

  1. Navigate to "More > Forms."
  2. Click "Share Form" under the name of the form you'd like to share.
  3. Using the Form Address - we will copy this option.

Then we will,

  1. Navigate to Account Settings (Image_2020-05-07_at_1.31.50_PM.png), and select Profile Fields.
  2. Drag a "New Section" form the left and drop it where you desire. We will label this Forms.
  3. Now, we will drag a Section Description.
  4. For the Section Description, you will type in the name of the form, and then paste the shareable form link, then click save.  For better formatting, make sure there are a colon and space between the name of the form and the URL link.



Additional Information

Customize the Form Address

When using the "Form Address" option, you can edit what comes behind  for easy sharing by editing the form settings. 

  1. Navigate to "More > Forms."
  2. Click to either create a new form or edit an existing form.
  3. Click the "Go to Settings" link in the bottom left.
  4. Click "show more options"
  5. Scroll to Web Address and add a label that is easy to share, and reflects your form. (Ex. Kids Camp)
  6. Make sure to "Save Form". 

Customize the Link

When using the "Link" option, you can edit the wording to fit what you would like the verbiage to be.

From the example above, the "Go to" wording is what will come before the link, and then the "Kids Camp" is what the recipient would click on.

You can change that verbiage to anything that makes sense based on how you're trying to share. For instance, you could completely eliminate the "Go to" wording and change the "Kids Camp" to  "Sign Up Now!".  Now the entire "Sign Up Now!" text will be clickable to your form.

Customizing the Embed Code

The embed code is the most customizable of the three sharing options. 

You can edit the form width, the border color, the background color, and the button color to match whatever page you're embedding your form onto.

This option allows you to help your forms blend in better with your church website.

If you choose to embed your form on a website, a few items such as the Title and Description will not be brought into the embed - this allows for a better view when embedding the form on a website. 

It is possible to use an iframe embed code to bring over the header image into the embed. This will also bring over the form title. You'd use something similar to this: <iframe src="" style="width: 960px; height: 1250px; border: 1px solid: #fff;" ></iframe> The size and background are customizable.

Note: Embedding Forms to WordPress Websites that are both created and hosted by WordPress seem to reject JavaScript encoding. This is because is forcing a format that is not compatible with JavaScript's code.This is outside the scope of Breeze. In an effort to ensure that you receive the best support possible, we recommend contacting WordPress with your support need. They will be well equipped to assist you. The solution for WordPress hosted sites can be found here: However, WordPress sites that are hosted by external companies seem to work properly.
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  • Is there a way to Embed the form code right into an email so that the person receiving the form receives the form and not a button they have to click to get to the form?

    Looking to make it one step for our folks instead of 2. If the form opens in their email they may be more inclined to immediately respond instead of ignoring the button :)

  • Hey there!

    At this time, this is not a current feature. This is something that you would have to post in the source code of the email, however, it is still going to show them a tab to click on:

    I know that is not exactly what you are hoping for but I do hope the suggestion is helpful. 

    We appreciate your feedback!

    Happy Breezing!

  • Is there a way to have a transparent background for the form?

  • Hey Hannah!

    The forms section is very robust in what it offers for making it efficient and quick, yet it was designed to keep things user friendly and simple. 

    With this in mind, there are still a few limitations when it comes to customizing the forms. Everything you are able to customize about the form can be found in the settings included changing the background of the form:

    Here is an additional resource that will be most helpful as you edit the settings of your form: Editing Form Settings

  • I am pushing to use breeze for more forms and billing, but we often will use/embed multiple forms onto a single registration page on our website. When we use multiple embeds specifically there is something about the embed.js file that makes it so only one of the forms will work. If I manually do an iframe with the link, that will work fine, but it makes it harder for our staff who doesn't have coding experience. 

    Is that something that could be addressed? Not sure what else to do other than manually code more things.

  • Hey @nboehnen, Thanks for your question!  This is a bug/issue that we've been tracking.  Our development team has been made aware and they've got it on their list for fixing. Unfortunately in the mean time we don't have any other great alternatives - but we do hope to have the issue fixed as soon as possible.  

  • Is it possible to share a form that's auto-populated with information from an existing person?

    Like this: John D. registered his family last year using a Breeze form. We ask parents to update/confirm their information every fall. Could I send John D. a link to a form already filled with his information? Alternately, is it possible to produce an Email Merge that incorporates current personal data for the recipients?

    I know this is an odd function & I'm not optimistic, but I thought it was worth asking. Thanks.

  • Hey @recoordinator,

    Those both sound like great ideas! At this time these are not available in Breeze, however, we are always looking for improvements! Thank you for the great ideas.


  • By the way - embedding a form into a site is no longer an issue if you have a business plan or above.  The Jetpack Advanced plug-in allows for JavaScript.  Simply paste the embed code into the text editor (not the visual editor) and you are good to go!

    It won't work for premium plans, though. 

    Anyway, knowing this might save someone some time.  :) 



  • @lsheen Thanks for including this information for us, this is good to know! 

  • Is there a way to have people fill out the forms directly in the app or does it have to be through the web link?

    For example, if we create a Sunday School registration form and our Director has a tablet with the app, it seems like she should be able to just have families fill out the registration form in the app rather than loading the link in Safari. But I don’t see a way to do that.

  • @jack

    Thanks for reaching out to the Forum! The only way to Fill out a Form is through a Browser. Even when you're in the App, it will redirect you to the browser in order to view a form. Thanks for the great question!



  • I would like to link a form to an event on the calendar where members can click on the event and go straight to the form. How do I do that?

  • @elaina

    Thanks for reaching out to the Forum. The best way to link a Form link to the Event, is to place the Form link in the Description of the Event! This link will still be dynamic (clickable) so that it will lead them straight to the Form! 

    I hope this helps! 

  • I understand that the app will open any form links in a browser, but I would still really like to have a section in the app where people can link to forms.  It would be great to have a forms header that was just to fill forms in.  Like Prayer requests.  If we can ask for people to give through Breeze it seems like they should also be able to ask for us to give back in prayer.  

  • @techsupport

    Thank you so much for your feedback! You can certainly use breeze for this, however it's not within the app. You would simply need to create a form for this and share that form on your website or wherever you would like to ask for their prayer requests. It sounds like what you're really needing is in app that's specifically created for your church as opposed to the breeze app. We have a partnership with the great company for this called Subsplash. Feel free to take a look at their Product and see if it's useful for you!

  • we embed your froms on our site and have changed the button color,  and lately,  the buttons are not changing based on the embed code color just the deafult color,  some still seem to change but not all?  any ideas why some would work and others not,  all the forms work fine

  • @jaytay99

    This certainly isn't expected behavior! You should be able to see consistency throughout the forms when customizing it. Feel free to take this over to Support so that our Team can properly assist and troubleshoot this for you!

  • We wanted to link from one form (prayer requests) to another form (visit requests) but when we did that it left the first form unsubmitted and jumped to the second.  Even if we back buttoned from our browser after this to return to the first form, all the entries were gone.  We tried (as mentioned above to put a form link in an event) to put the 2nd form link in the description of the first form, but that just looked as text and not a clickable link.  Any suggestions? or can we add a second button that is "Submit and go to visit form" along with the standard form submit button?

  • How do I share the ability to see and edit the forms that I create with a select group of other breeze users?

  • Hi @jodihaya!

    Great question! This would be a permission that you would have to give those users. Their role can be updated to allow them the ability to see and edit those forms. The permissions might look something like this:

    You can also limit which forms you'd like them to see and edit by using the "Allow Access To" and checking the forms you want them to see.

    I hope this helps :) 

  • How would I create a sign up form where parents could look through several days of the year and then choose to bring either drinks, salty snacks, or sweet snacks on a particular day.  Is it possible they could also receive an automatic reminder 3 days before their selected day to remind them to bring whatever they signed up for?  Thanks so much for your help!  I guess it's kind of like a "sign up genius" idea but I'd love to do it from Breeze if possible.  Thank you!

  • Hi Shelly!

    It sounds like our Invite Mode for Volunteers feature may be able to serve you best in this case. You can read all about it HERE

    If you have questions about any of the specifics along the way don't hesitate to reach out at

    Hope this is helpful!