Can forms be used for voting?


Perhaps you would like to use Forms for elections or membership voting situations. In a voting situation, it is typically essential that the votes be anonymous, that voters can only vote a single time, and that only eligible members can vote. 

  • Our forms can limit the number of total entries and can be created so they maintain anonymity. However, they cannot prevent multiple votes by a single user, nor prevent non-eligible members to vote. Below you will notice the setting for Max Entries as well as the option to disable the Form.


See Editing Form Settings for further details on editing the settings of your form.

Additionally, to make the form Anynonmous simply remove the "Name" field. 

If the form is private or sensitive information that you would not like others to see you can either: 

  1. Delete the forms on Breeze after you receive the email.
  2. Make the form hidden from all other roles besides yours, that way only the people who can access it are allowed to see the form. This can be done by Editing a Role.