Editing Form Settings

Form settings allow users to change the form's description, the confirmation email, who the confirmation email is sent from, customize a form's URL, change payment method and fund, and more. To adjust a form's settings:

  1. Navigate to "More > Forms."
  2. Select the pencil icon on the far right of the form you'd like to edit.
  3. Click the "Go to Settings" link in the bottom left.
  4. Click "Show More Options"
  5. Make your selections and Click "Save Form."


General Form Settings

Form Description Date/Time of Event Max Entries Disabled
This will show up on the right side when viewing the form. You can provide general directions here for submitting the form.





Email To Email From Confirmation Email Confirmation Page
When someone fills out the form, this is who will get an email alert of a submission. Additional emails can be included by clicking the + button next to the email.  No extra Role permissions are needed to get responses.



Web Address

You can create a custom web address for easy sharing. 



The color pallet can be used to change the color scheme of the form.  You can also use a custom color scheme to match your church's pallet or any other hex code colors you'd like to use.  




Use the Payments/Fund area to designate where the payments will go.  If you would prefer for the money to deposit into Stripe or PayPal you can switch it from this location as well. 



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