How to Register Multiple People for an Event

If your church has a summer kids camp then you've probably run into a situation where you've wanted to create registration forms for multiple people.

Important Note: This is the best practice to register multiple registrants if they all need to be put into your database or connected to separate profiles in your database. It will create a separate entry for each registration and there will not be a direct connection between the forms entries submitted. 

Registering Multiple People for an Event

  1. Create a Form with only the information you would like to collect on each registrant for your event. 
    • If you are looking to have information collected on this form update profile fields make sure you reference the article Updating People from Form Entries to set this up properly. 
  2. Copy the embed code of the form under the share form options (very important you move to step 3 and do not paste this code anywhere else on your computer and then recopy it from another location)
  3. Create Second New Form, This could be used to collect Parent or Emergency Contact Information. This can also be used for sharing additional information about the event, description, ect. 
    • Drag a Section Description Over into the Form
      • In the text box area label it something like Child 1 or Participant 1
      • Open the source code field and paste in the Embed Code from Form 1 that you copied
    • Repeat the above steps for as many children / participants you'd like to be able to register per "form"

Here is a 7 minute video walking through these steps:

Taking a Payment on this Form 

In an effort to not have people submit multiple payments for registrations the best way to do this would be to have a payment be part of the second form. 

  1. Add a Payment Field to Form #2
  2. Click + Add Price Option 
  3. Set up your registration payment options (one for each registration on the form)

Here is a quick video on the steps how to do this: