Reopening Your Church After COVID-19

As our individual States and Countries prepare to reopen across the world, you may be in a location requiring that you have attendance limitations for your services. We know you must be anxious to return to normal, and we are excited that this is one step closer to that! While we know that Limited Services are not ideal, we wanted to let you know that Breeze has tools to help you navigate these new limitations. 

We recommend that you create forms with entry limits, then set up events that only allow those entries to be checked in to them. 

The form you create can be simple, only asking for Name (if that is all you want to collect). It is important that each person/family member attending the service fill out the form to keep accurate numbers. 

You will have to create one form per event.  Therefore, if you have multiple services, you should create one form per service.  The good news is that we have quick and easy ways to duplicate the forms you create.  See this article for more information: Duplicating Forms

Creating Forms With Attendance Limits

  • From the Dashboard, Navigate to "More > Forms."
  • Click to either "Create a New form" or edit an existing form.
  • Click the "Go to Settings" link in the bottom left.
  • Click "Show More Options" under the Form Description.
  • Select the number for your attendance limit under "Max Entries"
  • Click Save Form

See the following article for more information: Editing Form Settings


Creating Events That Only allow Check-In from Form Event Entries

For a new event:

  • Select the "Events" tab from the top menu.
  • Click "Add Event" on the right or click an empty space on the date you'd like the event added.
  • On the right side, change the dropdown for "Select who can check into this event" to Form Respondents and select the Event form.

For an existing event:

  • Select the "Events" tab from the top right.
  • Click the event you'd like to edit.
  • Click "Edit Event Settings" on the bottom left
  • On the right side, change the dropdown for "Select who can check into this event" to Form Respondents and select the Event form.

See the following article for more information: Event Check in Eligibility


Also, don't forget to check out if you are just needing to get a numerical count of those that will be attending due to limited space being available! This is not just limited to Breeze users! Again, for more detailed information, you might still want to use Breeze Forms, but is a free resource and tool that you could even include (as a hyperlink) in any forms that you send out.
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  • Can I have capacity limit to a field not to a form? For example, People signs up a form to an event and he will bring 3 guests. How to check if the maximum attendance is reached and stop allowing new registrants?

  • @fondachang

    I'm glad you asked! This is one of the limitations of a Breeze form, and one of the exact reasons why we created the free tool, Reopen.Church. We understand that our forms have some improvements that need to be made. Would you mind Submitting a Feature Request with what you have in mind so our Product team can hear about this?

    Check out for this awesome feature!

  • Submitting a Feature Request page is not taking any comment or submittals. 

  • @fondachang

    So sorry to hear you're running into an error! I can't replicate that, can you try it again using

    If you have any screenshots of the error you're receiving, please feel free to send them to

    Thank you!

  • Is there a feature that the max capacity is counted including the amount selected in a form? Ex. one form has two option lines; how many adults and how many children but all will be counted as 1 entry because its a 1 form.  I hope this makes sense.  The reopening church feature is good but doesn't split adults from children and we need separate amounts based on each room.

    Next question; is there an option for payment to the reopening church form? We have events that also need to keep up with the capacity but charging for each adult not children.  

  • Hi denise4fcc,

    Unfortunately, Breeze Forms are only able to be limited by number of entries. I can see why adding multiple people (and separating kids and adults) would be useful here!

    Additionally, there is not currently a way to accept payments via Reopen.Church.

    I'm sorry for the inconveniences! if you'd like to leave feature requests for these ideas, you can do here: Submitting Feature Requests.

    I hope this helps! 


  • I am using   Is there a way for someone to un-register for the event after it is full (or before) if they can no longer attend?


  • Hey @lauric77!
    You asked a great question! Yes! They can simply go to their confirmation email that they received upon their original submission, click on the RETURN TO REGISTRATION FORM link in the email, and then select REMOVE REGISTRATION. Their spot(s) will then be removed from the registration total!
    I hope this is helpful! Have a wonderful day! :)
  • I thought that one of the main purposes of Breeze was to collect information on the experience of UUCS members with COVID-19 vaccines, so decisions could be made re opening up future meetings and services. As someone who has spent much of his life designing online user interface, this one has me stumped. How exactly do I convey my COVID-19 vaccine experience???


    Doug Bracy

  • @dougbracy28

    One of the features that Breeze offers is the ability for an organization to create customized forms that meet their needs.  Breeze does not have prebuilt forms pertaining to Covid-19 questions.  That is something that each organization can add on their form as they see fit.  More information about creating forms can be found here: Creating a Form.

  • When you register for an event, using a form, does it link back to event?

  • @pam

    With Breeze forms are a great way to create event registration pages. If you'd like form respondents to show up directly on the check in list for a given event, use these instructions below. It's important to note that form respondents must be associated with a profile to be eligible for an event.

    1. Create a form.
    2. Create an event.
    3. In the event settings, set the eligibility for check in to "Form Respondents" and then select your form from the list.

    Hope this helps.

  • Is "reopen church" included with Breeze? It seems like a lot to pay an extra subscription because your database can't limit attendees to events.

  • Hey @lizroper! Your concern is shared by many here at Breeze! We want to make sure we offer our churches the best experience in forms without having to go to an external program. While is a separate program altogether (and is not packaged in your Breeze subscription cost), I will attach a guide to using Breeze and together. 

    As we share your feelings of wanting forms to limit attendees based on family registrations, please make sure to leave this feedback where they can keep track of it for future development: 

    Please don't hesitate to reach out to for some additional help here!