Creating a Form

Overview: A look at how to create new forms and use the custom form fields to get all the response types that you need.

To Create a Form

  1. Navigate to "Forms."1
  2. Click "Create New Form" on the top-right.
  3. Select the type of Form you want to create.
  4. Drag the fields you'd like to include from the left, over to the Form.
  5. Rename your form by clicking on "Untitled Form", and add a header image if desired.
  6. Click "Create Form" to save your form. 
1 Don't see forms listed? Be sure your account has permission to access it. To give yourself permission, see Edit Role. You may need to reach out to an Admin at your church to have them make this change for you.

Form Field Options


Name Field that requests for both the First and Last Name of an individual. This field links directly to the profile's Name field when linking form responses to profiles.
Phone Field that requests for a phone number. When linking form responses to profiles, this field merges with the profile's Mobile Phone field. If you'd like to collect a specific number it should be specified as such (i.e. Work Phone, Home Phone, etc.).
Email Field that requests an email address. This field links directly to the profile's Email field when linking form responses to profiles. This is where you can turn off the automatic email confirmation.
Address Field that requests an address. This field links directly to the profile's Address field when linking form responses to profiles.
Text Offers a placeholder for a text response.
Multiple Choice Gives form respondents the option to select one option specific to the field (i.e. favorite color, t-shirt size, etc.).
Checkbox Gives form respondents the option to select multiple options specific to the field (i.e. stewardship commitments, spiritual gifts).
Dropdown Gives form respondents the option to select one option specific to the field (i.e. favorite color, t-shirt size, etc.).
Essay Gives form respondents a place for more detailed text by providing space for multi-line responses.
Date A field for gathering a specific date (month/day/year).
Payment Allows you to collect a payment through your form with multiple payment options (i.e. child ticket - $5, adult ticket - $10, etc.).
File Stores up to 8mb files (i.e. photos, scanned documents, etc.).
Section Title Allows you to create distinguished section throughout your form. Can help with the clarification of different form sections and requirements.
Section Description Provides a description to each section letting users know what data is being requested as well as general information about the form. This field is HTML5 friendly, allowing you to include things such as hyperlinked text, pictures, embed videos, etc.
When using quotation marks in the form field labels or options, it will break the title.
To attach a document to a form, you can use a Section Description's link feature to attach a shareable link to that document. This document could be hosted on a file sharing program such as Google Drive, Dropbox, etc.

(Note: This video intentionally has no sound)   

Linking People to a Form

In order for the information on your Form to update the information in your profiles, there needs to be an exact match of the following items:

  • Name & Spelling of the Field
  • Type of the Field
  • Order of the Options (if Dropdown, Multiple Choice, Checkbox, etc.)
  • See Updating People from Form Entries for more specific information.

To Print a Form

  • Click View Form and then Right-click the screen to print a blank copy of the Form. You can usually save to PDF in the Print Preview screen.
  • The easiest way to print all the form responses would be to click on "View Entries" under the form name you are wanting to print, and then instead of clicking on individual responses, click "Download as Excel" at the top of the page. 

Adding an Image to your Form:

You'll see the option to "Add a Header Image" at the top of the form editing page.  When you click on that you'll see some of the Breeze-created form headers, or you can upload your own.  The recommended size is 967px x 300px for best results.   


At this time, PDF's and other files cannot be uploaded for download. See Getting a Signature on a Form.

Mobile Device Limitations: At this time Breeze is not optimized for Mobile devices using Android or iOS to create forms. This is because the "Drag & Drop Profile Field" method does not work. We are working hard to re-write Breeze coding so this might be available in the future! For now, we suggest using a computer to create Forms.

Differences Between Forms Created Before Oct 17, 2016 and Current Forms:

Here's a detailed breakdown highlighting the key differences between forms created (or duplicated from forms) before Oct 17, 2016 (referred to as "1st generation forms") and the forms created after that date (referred to as "2nd generation forms"):


1st Generation Forms

2nd Generation Forms

Payment Fields Allowed Only 1 payment field allowed Multiple payment fields allowed
Verification of Name in Payment Option Does not verify if Name is present in a $0 Payment Option Verifies that Name is present in Payment Field
Upgrading Upon Duplication Duplicating doesn't upgrade to 2nd generation N/A – Duplication will maintain current generation features
Form Behavior If everyone in the family is unassigned, and there are multiple last names, it will address the family in statements and in mailing labels based on the last name of whoever's first name appears first alphabetically. Standardized behavior, independent of alphabetic order of names

For those utilizing Breeze Forms, understanding these differences is critical to ensure that forms function as desired. If creating new forms, it's recommended to start fresh rather than duplicating from older forms to ensure you benefit from the improved and updated features of the 2nd generation forms.

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