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    I’m trying to creat a form from my iphone/iPad and I can’t tap and drag a field to my form. Does creating a form on iOS platform not work?

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    Emily W.

    Hi @dwalterfct! 

    You bring up some great points in what you're trying to accomplish in Breeze. While we can get to your desired results eventually, you're just bumping in to some of our limitations. Creating forms through the iPhone are one of those limitations. While this isn't comfortable for us, it does drive us to be better. 

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    I just created a form, which is a survey for the church, but they are submitted anonymously. Is there no way to enter them anonymously? 

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    Josh R.

    Hey @secretarymtwashumc!

    That sounds like a great idea! You can definitely create a form with anonymous submissions by either removing the Name field or not making it required! 


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