Updating People from Form Entries

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    Is there a way to update a profile with allergy information given on a form?  I have a profile field for allergies, but Breeze doesn't seem to recognize that from my VBS registration form.  So I am having to manually enter all the allergy information on each child into their profile.    Just wondering if there is a way to get it to do it automatically?

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    Emily W.

    Hey @boehmerclan7!

    Great question! Yes! There is a way to get it to match: When looking to match the profile fields with form fields, Breeze looks for matching field names. For instance, if your profile field has a "Gender" field and you create a "Gender" field in your form, Breeze will see and attempt to reference that when matching the fields. 

    If both field names and field types match exactly and you are still having this issue, please reach out to our Support team via phone or email so we can troubleshoot further.

    Happy to help and serve y'all!


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