Connecting Form Results to an Event for Check In Purposes

Forms are a great way to create event registration pages. If you'd like form respondents1 to show up directly on the check in list for a given event, use these instructions below. It's important to note that form respondents must be associated with a profile to be eligible for an event.

  1. Create a form.
  2. Create an event.
  3. In the event settings, set the eligibility for check in to "Form Respondents" and then select your form from the list.

Here are two articles you may find helpful:
Creating a Form
Creating an Event


1See Forms and People for more details
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  • Let's say that not everyone used the form to register for an event. If I set the check in options to the Form Respondents only, won't that mean if I want to check people into my event who did not respond to the form, Breeze won't let me? 

  • Hey Angela - that's correct, if you choose to do form respondents and someone does not fill out the form then they won't be able to check in.  That's when we recommend using the tag system.  Create a tag for the event, and then when you're looking at the form respondents you can bulk assign everyone into that tag.  From there, you'll be able to add additional individuals who may not have filled out the form.  You can then use that tag for your check in! 

  • Thank you, Sheley. That helps a lot. 

  • Is there a way to smart tag an event and in addition require a form to be filled out for new attendees? We have Awana on Wednesday and we use a Breeze form for registration, but I don't want to remove everyone I have already added via smart tags.

  • Hi Office!

    You can still use Use Smart Tags to create a filter for one of the profile fields on the Breeze form that you are currently using for registration and have it automatically update the classroom tags that you have set up. It will only remove people that you have already add if you have that option selected. As long as this box is not selected, it will not remove those who are already in the tag. 



    If you still have more questions, please don't hesitate to reach out to support! :) 

  • Is there a way to connect a form to a tag and then the tag to the event?

    That would be wonderfully convenient :) 

  • IS there a way to access forms straight from the check in window? We are using forms for our children's ministry and have set up tags so that only those children who have filled out the form are able to check in (they may already exist as people in our system, but I want them to fill out the children's ministry specific form before allowing them to participate). If the child doesn't have the form filled out I want them to be able to do it right there on the iPad so they can check in - is this possible?

  • Hi Carolynn!


    I would simply open up another tab and pull the form up in that second window. That way you can toggle back between the two tabs and still check-in but allow those to be able to fill out the needed form. :) 

  • We are wanting to build a new form for our Girls Clubs and Boys Clubs Registration.  Is there a way to create a smart tag from the form results that would put kids in the right tag based on gender and grade? Or would I be better of creating a separate form for boys and a separate form for girls and then just use grade as the smart tag?

  • Hey @naomi!

    Great question here! You can make one form and add the form fields to select for gender / grade. I think you might find Updating People from Form Entries as a helpful resource to you here. Then the profile fields should create the correct criteria for you to then make Smart Tags

    Hope this helps!

  • Hello!  We would like to allow attendees watching online services to check in.

    First question:  Do I have to create a new form for each service?  Seems like this would be cumbersome when there are two to three services a week.  How many forms can we have in the forms list?

    Second question:  Say, I respond that four people are watching.  Only 1 person is showing under attendees.  How do I check in my husband and two daughters?  Their names do not show because I chose Form Responders.

    I guess I just need to know the best and easiest way to handle online attendees.

    Thank you for your help!


  • Hi @zhpianogirl!

    Thanks for reaching out to our Breeze Support team. I am so glad you did. Great questions. Let's dive right in.

    First question:  Do I have to create a new form for each service?  Seems like this would be cumbersome when there are two to three services a week.  How many forms can we have in the forms list?

    You can have as many Forms as needed. Although cumbersome, one recommendation is creating one Form for each service to limit confusion of which service a person was attending. However, you could also create one Form for that particular Day and then using a checkbox list each service. An individual could then just select the checkbox of the service they attended.

    Second question:  Say, I respond that four people are watching.  Only 1 person is showing under attendees.  How do I check in my husband and two daughters?  Their names do not show because I chose Form Responders.

    If you are trying to check in by name then unfortunately you are bumping into a limitation of the Breeze Forms, which only allows for one Name to be connected. In this case, while not very Breezy, you'd either need to recommend each person to fill out a form so that they show up on the list OR, change the check in to Everyone and then you'd have to manually add the names.

    If you have further questions, please reach out by sending an email to

    We are always happy to serve.





  • When I first read this and set things up I thought the respondents would be checked into the event. That didn't happen. I came back to the article, and it seems it only makes them eligible for check-in. This doesn't really help with our online attendance tracking project. How can members check into an event remotely? Can they? Ideally, I could send a quick link (via email, web, or text) that members and visitors at home could click on and check into the service.

  • Hey @Deb!

    What I love about this feature is it makes it super easy for me to check people in quickly using Check-in - List Mode. I can quickly hit the check by everyone's name on that list. 

    The only other way that I would recommend your members to check-in remotely (apart from this method) would be to allow them to have access to the Breeze Check In App. This will come with its limitations and challenges, but it is certainly an option to consider. Switching the mode to Kiosk mode here will be the safest and securest way to make sure they only check themselves and their family in. 

    You might also find our article, How to Take Attendance for your Online Services helpful here! This does explain a very similar process as to how "Connecting Form Results to an Event for Check In Purposes" explains it. 

    I hope this helps!

  • Is there a way when checking in for an event, if the person just shows up and we add them from the check-in page to have them fill out a form rather than just their name? It would be nice if we didn't have to exit out of check-in tab, then find the correct form, they fill it out, then navigate back to the check-in tab, then have them check in. 

    Any help here would be greatly appreciated! 

  • Hey @kevink!

    Thank you for reaching out with this great question!

    As it turns out, there's currently not a way to have a form pull up within the check-in screen when checking-in a new person for the first time. I apologize for this limitation!

    While this is the case, something you may find helpful is enabling "Specify Add Profile Fields" within your event settings. Enabling this field allows you to pick specific information, in addition to the name, that you want to capture when checking-in a new person for the first time! This tool is great because after capturing the new person's name, and any other details you decide to include, this will create a profile for them with this information already included (similar to a form when you connect the entry to a profile)! You can learn more about this feature here: Add Contact Information for Visitors With Events 

    I also want to encourage you to reach out to our Product team with this great idea that you mentioned! You can learn more about submitting feature requests to our team here: Submitting Feature Requests

    Have a wonderful day! :)