Create Name-tag from Form Entries/Results


A person may desire to have a name tag printed out based on their Form entries. 

1. Create a Custom Profile Field

  1. Navigate to "Profile Fields"
  2. Drag items from the left and drop them within the section you desire. You could use a Multiple Choice field, a Dropdown, or perhaps a "Text" field (which provides more flexibility for entering in data like allergies).
  3. Rename the field to the name you desire
  4. Click "Save Changes"

2. Match your Form Field with the exact same field as your Profile Field

If everything in the form that can be mapped to a profile field matches the profile exactly, then you will have an automagic connection! Here's how to properly maps these together:

  • Field type - e.g. both must be Multiple Choice. Cannot have one as a Multiple Choice and the other as a Dropdown. 
  • Field name - It must be spelled the same, so "Wedding Date" will not connect to "Wedding Day." Also, this one is not case sensitive, meaning that "Birthday" will connect to "birthday."
  • Option name (if applicable) - In the case of Checkbox, Multiple Choice, or Dropdown, the options must be spelled the same. This one is case sensitive, meaning that "yes" will not connect to "Yes." Options must also be in the same order, so options of "Yes" and "No" will not map to options of "No" and Yes"

3. Customize your Event to populate completed Form entries

If you'd like form respondents to show up directly on your check-in list for a given event, you must do the following:

  1. Create your Form
  2. Create an event for your Form results to populate to.
  3. In the event settings, set the eligibility for check in to "Form Respondents" and then select your form from the list.

 4. Customize your nametags

The printed name tag can be customized either when creating the event or on the event's settings page for an existing event. You'll have the option to select what fields go where on the name tag. To access the name tag customization screen for an existing event:

  1. Navigate to Events > Click on your event > View Details
  2. Click "Settings" on the left
  3. On the right, select "Print name tag at check-in"
  4. Click "customize" behind the checkbox to bring up the customize screen
  5. Choose the appropriate fields to populate.
  6. Be sure to click "Save Changes" after customizing the name tag.

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