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Accessing Breeze ChMS is simple with this guide, covering everything from locating your church's unique subdomain to logging in via web or the Breeze app. If you encounter any login issues or forget your password, the steps outlined ensure a smooth resolution. For any uncertainties, your church administrator is your go-to resource for assistance.

Login Through your Church's Breeze Page

Your church has set up a unique subdomain to access their Breeze account.  For instance, a church named Calvary Church may have chosen "calvary" as their Breeze Subdomain on sign up. So they would access Breeze at https://churchname.breezechms.com.

  1. To log in to your church's Breeze account, enter your church's unique web address in the URL of your web browser (subdomain.breezechms.com) which will take you to the church's landing page. 
  2. Enter your username and password.
  3. Click Sign In. 

Login on the Breeze Homepage

  1. Go to breezechms.com and click the "Log In" link in the top right corner.
  2. Then enter your Church web address / Subdomain (e.g. "churchname in the example above) in the test box, this will take you to the church's personal landing page. 
  3. Click Continue. 
  4. Once on church's personal landing page enter your username and password and click Sign In. 


Login through the Breeze App

Breeze offers an app for iOS and Android! Here's where you can access either of these apps: https://www.breezechms.com/app

  1. The first time you use the Breeze app you'll be prompted to enter your Church subdomain. Your subdomain is part of the URL that you use to log in. For instance, if you log in at cornerstone.breezechms.com, your subdomain is cornerstone
  2. After entering your correct subdomain, you'll be prompted to enter your username and password information. 
  3. Select Sign In

If you don't know your subdomain or username please contact your church administrator for assistance. 

Forgot Password

If you forgot your password you can have the Breeze system send you a reset password link. To receive the reset password link, you must have a user with an email address attached to it.

  1. Follow the instructions above to Login to your Church account.
  2. From the login page, (your church's landing page) click the Forgot Password link under Sign In.
  3. On the Password Rest page, enter your email address that is connected to your user in Breeze, and click Send. You will get a notice that the email has been sent. If you do not get the forgot password email, you will need to reach out to an administrator at your Church to have them help you with getting logged into Breeze, as your user does not have an email attached to it. 
  4. You will receive an email with your username and a link to Reset Password, click the Reset Password Link. 
  5. Enter a new password confirm the new password and click Save Changes. 

Logging Out Of Breeze

Logging out is simple in Breeze!

  1. Navigate to Account Settings(Image_2020-05-07_at_1.31.50_PM.png) on the top right.
  2. Click Logout at the bottom in the right corner.

Automatic Logout

Sometimes you will be logged out of Breeze automatically after a specified period, this is dependent upon your role permissions, and what your administrator has set up for your role, to protect your account from unauthorized use. 

This automatic logout window is adjustable via the role permissions under Users & Roles.

Trouble Logging In? 

Are you experiencing issues getting Breeze to load on your computer? When you login, are you see a blank, white screen? If so, this could be caused by your Managed Network or Virus Protection. Check out our resource on Managed Network Firewall Allowances to see the necessary steps to fix this problem. 

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