Online Directory with Member Access

You can create an online directory in Breeze with the use of Member Access.

The first thing you'd want to do in this process is create a tag and name it something like "Online Directory." You would then add all individuals that you want to appear in this online directory to that tag.

This can either be done from inside the tag itself, an individual's profile, or from a search in the People section.

Next, you'll need to edit the Member role in the Users and Roles section to give permission to view all individuals who are in the Online Directory tag.

Here's a screenshot showing what this permission setting would look like:


Note: If you do not want members to be able to view everything on a person's profile, you will need to edit the View permission settings under People:


Now that your individuals are in an Online Directory tag and you've established permission settings in the Member role, it's time to invite your members to join Breeze with Member Access!
Member Access allows an individual limited access to Breeze in that they can see their own data and (optionally) their giving history, attendance records, other members, groups they belong to, and the ability to donate online through previously-used payment methods (i.e. a specific credit card, debit card, or bank account).

You can invite members to join Breeze By Invitation, Without Invitation, or Manually!

When your members log in, they will be able to see the people section with only the individuals from the Online Directory tag. To view more information, such as phone number, email, or family connections, they can click on a person's name (or search for them at the top left of the screen), and go to their profile.

 What your Members see in the Online Directory will depend on the permissions that you've given them. 

Note: If someone from your church requests to not be on the Directory, or you want certain profiles to not be visible on the Directory, check out our resource, Offering an Opt-Out Option in the Account for the Online Directory

Here is an example of some differences that you might see between the Admin role and a Member role.


The Dashboard is more "individual-oriented" with "My Profile" and "Online Giving" as options for Members, and the ability to Customize the Breeze Dashboard with widgets based on the specific role permission of the user. 

Admin Dashboard: 


Member Dashboard:Image_2020-12-18_at_8.48.06_AM.jpg



People Tab

Can't see all people, no access to the Action Panel, can't Add a Person.




Not all information is included.  



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