Online Directory with Member Access

You can create an online directory in Breeze with the use of Member Access.

The first thing you'd want to do in this process is create a tag and name it something like "Online Directory." You would then add all individuals that you want to appear in this online directory to that tag.

This can either be done from inside the tag itself, an individual's profile, or from a search in the People section.

Next, you'll need to edit the Member role in the Users and Roles section to give permission to view all individuals who are in the Online Directory tag.

Here's a screenshot showing what this permission setting would look like:


Note: If you do not want members to be able to view everything on a person's profile, you will need to edit the View permission settings under People:


Now that your individuals are in an Online Directory tag and you've established permission settings in the Member role, it's time to invite your members to join Breeze with Member Access!

Member Access allows an individual limited access to Breeze in that they can see their own data and (optionally) their giving history, attendance records, other members, groups they belong to, and the ability to donate online through previously-used payment methods (i.e. a specific credit card, debit card, or bank account).

You can invite members to join Breeze By Invitation, Without Invitation, or Manually!

When your members log in, they will be able to see the people section with only the individuals from the Online Directory tag. To view more information, such as phone number, email, or family connections, they can click on a person's name (or search for them at the top left of the screen), and go to their profile.

 What your Members see in the Online Directory will depend on the permissions that you've given them. 

Note: If someone from your church requests to not be on the Directory, or you want certain profiles to not be visible on the Directory, check out our resource, Offering an Opt-Out Option in the Account for the Online Directory

Here is an example of some differences that you might see between the Admin role and a Member role.


The Dashboard is more "individual-oriented" with "My Profile" and "Online Giving" as options for Members, and the ability to Customize the Breeze Dashboard with widgets based on the specific role permission of the user. 

Admin Dashboard: 


Member Dashboard:Image_2020-12-18_at_8.48.06_AM.jpg



People Tab

Can't see all people, no access to the Action Panel, can't Add a Person.




Not all information is included.  



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  • Is there a sample that you have which we could send out to our members that we would include in an online directory basically giving their consent to being included in an online directory? 

    I am just wondering about Canadian Privacy laws for sharing information.


  • If you create the tag online directory... and invite members.. then you need to back and add the tag to their profile in a second step, correct?

  • Hi @kathleecapshaw!

    Great question. Yes, once a tag is created, you will have to add people to that tag, even invited members. Here are some resources that might be most helpful!

    Tags Video

    Bulk Assigning or Unassigning Tags

    Happy Breezing! 

  • Trying to determine how to have minors listed but not their emails and phone numbers...  would like teens to be members and participate in the online directory but not share their emails and phone numbers...


  • Hey @kathleencapshaw!

    Absolutely! Navigate to People<Export<Directory<Group by family<Custom template<Scroll down to Children section below and make sure just names are listed as shown here: 




    Hope this is most helpful. 

    Here is an additional resource:Creating & Customizing a Printed Directory

    Happy Breezing!

  • Hi.. Thanks but Emily I was referring to someone logged in to the online directory. and not a print export. Where as you can view parents main contact or phone only but not children who would have emails or phone they wouldn't want listed. 

  • Hey Kathleen! Micah here, stepping in for Emily. Thanks so much for the clarification here! You can absolutely keep these numbers and emails hidden by marking as "Make Private" in their profile. See this screenshot:

    Here's a helpful resource on this as well: Private Data
    Happy Breezing!

  • When using the link to create a member account, it tries to match an existing email and name. If I’m a visitor it give me an error trying to sign up. Is there a way to make this open for visitors to sign up?

  • Hello @barefootjeremy12345!

    For added security, if a user does not yet have a profile within your database (or that profile doesn't have an email address), a church administrator will first need to create/update their profile before they can create an account.

    They have to have an email address to create an account.

    Here is a great resource that includes more information on creating accounts within Breeze:

    Allowing Members to Have an Account in Breeze

    If you have any additional questions, please don't hesitate to reach out to our team via phone or email, we are here and happy to serve y'all!


  • Thanks Emily. Let me rephrase.
    What’s the best way you have to get visitors added to the database without church admin intervention? Is that possible from a form they can fill out and then they are in the DB?

  • @barefootjeremy12345 Ashley here stepping in for Emily. There are two ways to accomplish this. 

    1. Follow the steps in the adding visitors in Breeze article to easily add visitors to your database at Check-In. Make sure you have your event settings set up to gather the proper information at Check-In, such as email (and any other fields you would like filled in). When a person is added at check-in they are added directly into your database. 

    2. Create a Form and have Visitors fill out the form. This would still require an Admin or someone going into the form and connecting the form entries with a person

    You may find the article Tracking and Turning Visitors into Members helpful! 

  • I'm curious if there is a way to produce an online directory with member access that groups family members together. We previously used a directory app that listed families by last name and separated them into connected family groups. 

    Example: Smith, Jim and Emily

                               Jimmy Jr., Emilia, Baby brother

                     Smith, Bill and Barbara

                                Billy Jr., Barbie

    I expect that most churches have extended families and even unrelated persons of the same surname. We presently have two unrelated families with the same last name. Both families have 2 female children. 3 of the 4 girls and one of the moms have names beginning with "L." A directory grouped into family units could really help avoid confusion.

  • @jduke

    Thanks for reaching out to the Forum! Exporting a Directory that includes Parent and children / Families is something that Breeze does very well! This would be the Article you're looking for: Creating & Customizing a Printed Directory

    I hope this helps! Please let us know how we can continue to serve you ! 

  • @Stephen,  Thanks for your response. Yes, the printed directory feature works fine, but that's not what members using the app find when they use the app to access the online Member Directory. We are interested in the online access part rather than a printed directory. They see individual people listed alphabetically, not grouped into family units. Can we get that same electronic result through the app as one can make with the printed directory feature??

  • @jduke

    Yes, you would simply need to make sure that they have the permissions to View PeopleOf course, you'll want to make sure that you're only giving them access to see the things that you want them to see. But this will essentially be how any "online directory' works. 

  • Hi, we are using Tags to identify the folks in our volunteer teams.  It would be stellar if the teams could email via Breeze, but per this article those with Member do not see the Action Panel, so no ability to email or text.  Suggestions on what we should do, to use Breeze for team communication?  Thanks!

  • Hey @Bonnie,

    I would recommend giving those who need to email in Breeze a new role with access to email people. :)

  • I want to give members the ability to view their children's profiles, specifically birthdays, without making birthdays available to all members. Is there a way to give extra visibility for accounts within the same family?

  • @jmunzert

    Great question here. The answer is yes! -- What you will want to do is refrain from making the Age/Birthday field visible in the "People" permission. After that, go to the "My Profile" permission and make it visible for you. This will also give you the ability to see the same information for you family as well! 


  • We are just about ready to roll out Breeze as an online directory to our members and I have kids showing up in the invite list.  How do I remove them? 

    Also is there a way to do a mass invite of our members to create their online account?

  • @bonnie

    Great question! What invite list are you using? If they are in the member list (in users and roles) then that lists represents everyone in the database. You could always filter the People list down to a segmented group of people that you want to engage. If you're trying to invite multiple users into the database to create their username and password, then we usually suggest using the create function via a link that you share to the specific people. Take a look at the following articles:


    Please give us a call to walk through this with you!


    Did this answer JDuke's question? As I read it, I don't see how permission to view people allows for online access to the family groupings that a directory prints. We're very interested in that. Thanks so much!


  • @tjones ... my question was unanswered, but I didn’t press the point. It doesn’t appear that the online directory can be viewed by family unit.

  • Thanks, Jduke!

  • @Jduke @ToddJones

    Thanks for reaching out to us again! We apologize if the information given hasn't suitably answered your questions, but we want to make sure you're getting the answers that you need. 
    The way i'm understanding the question, is that you would like your members (and their family) to login and see an online directory of members and their families.

    This can certainly be done in Breeze. As long as your have your families properly assigned to each other, you can assign the member role to have the permissions to be able to see other members (and their families within Breeze). We apologize if this is not what you're looking for. Perhaps a phone call could clear things up rather quickly! We look forward to hearing from you soon!

  • Hi, @Stephen Ivey.

    I would welcome a call next week.

    I think we may be "talking past" one another in this thread. I'm aware that members can see an ONLINE directory but so far as I can tell ONLY in alphabetical order. My question has to do with an alternative format for the ONLINE directory ... grouping a family unit together rather than everyone with the same last name listed alphabetically. Breeze allows a directory to be PRINTED by family grouping, but I can't find a path to do the same family grouping with the online version.

    Example of the problem: If a church has 6 "Smith" families made up of 18 individuals, one finds all 18 Smith's listed alphabetically in the online directory with no family connections readily observable unless one clicks over to an individual page. Conversely, the 6 Smith families can be grouped by family unit in the PRINTED directory. That's the layout our folks would love to see in the ONLINE directory - families grouped together.

    We don't have Smiths, but we have four surnames with multiple unrelated families, so searching the online directory can feel a little like a needle in the haystack.

    Look forward to hearing from you next week.


  • @Stephen Ivey @jduke I am curious to know the answer to your question about the online directory grouping. Also, I cannot see an option for members to print the directory from their own device. Is that possible?

  • @jduke

    Thanks for the additional clarity here! Grouping families together in the online directory view is currently a limitation of breeze. However, it would make a great feature request! I highly recommend submitting this as an option for us to look at in the future. Submitting Feature Requests


    Members should have the same functionality from any device that they choose to use. Any page can be printed by right-clicking the screen and clicking Print. However, if you were trying to get them the ability to have access to print the Directory Export, then they will need permissions to do so. You can change that in Users & Roles! Editing a Role

  • Hi

    Is there a way to not see users with Member Role in the (Forms) Email Responses From list?

    Really I don't want a list of hundreds of people in this field

  • @braiden79

    Great question! Unfortunately, there is not a way to filter out people with the member role from the forms. The only filters that are available in forms are the ones that filter information from the form itself. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience that this may cause you!