Online Directory with Member Access

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    We've removed children from our online directory (by not putting the "Online Directory" tag on the children's profiles), but is there a way to make children's profiles only visible to their parents in the online directory?

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    Is there a way to show the family information of a member in the online directory? Right now, all I can see for family information is that individual (no spouse, children, etc.).

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    Hey @joshuapsteele - the "remove access" or "don't allow access to" areas in roles will always trump the "allow access to".  So when it comes to conflicting areas, such as "don't let members see the 'online directory' tag" but you want them to be able to view family, they will not be able to see anyone in the 'online directory' tag even if they are 'family'.  

    Hey @nogden - the "online directory" only views one individual at a time, so it won't show the whole family on one profile. 

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    Nathanael Schey

    Same Question as joshuapsteele! This creates a less than ideal situation: if a family does not want their children visible to the whole church, then they cannot even manage their children themselves. This makes Breeze much less useful for families :-(

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    @Sheley - Thanks for the info. It appears that the family information is tied to the viewing permissions for each individual. For instance, if we have a family of 2 parents and 3 children, the following options are available:

    a) enable all 5 members to be viewed in the directory; they would also then show up in the family information section for each of their family members

    b) enable only the parents to be viewed in the directory; only the parents would then be visible in the family information section for each other

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    How do church members get to select what others see in their online directory? Or is that not an option?

    I'm concerned that if they delete their mobile phone number because they don't want others in the church to see it, then it will be deleted from their account for church leaders to use! 

    We should trust one another in our church, but some people are very private and don't mind church leaders knowing, but don't want the info to be out there for everyone else in the church. Can they select what other online directory members can see?

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    @nogden I don't know if this applies to what you are talking about, but I have created specific family tags for a family so that a parent can edit children's profiles. So for example, I have created "D&S Smith family' tag, that I apply to all members of the Smith family (husband and wife and 3 children) now S Smith can go in and edit info for any of the children or here husband, upload photos for each. I don't know if I created more work for myself doing this but I couldn't figure anyway else to allow members to update family info.

    When we signed up for Breeze we migrated info from another Church CMS and things like birthdates and anniversary dates didn't always have the year attached to most of our member's information looked like they were '0 days old' or married for '0 years' so I needed them to be able to edit their own information for things like that. Adding specific family tags for each family is the only way I figured out how to get that done ;-)

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    Through the "On Line Directory" can you use a family picture instead of individual pictures?

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    Micah M.

    Hi @wrcoc! The family photo would only show under the "Family" section of the directory. The only exception to this would be if you uploaded a family photo instead of individual photos. Then the family photo would always show for each individual (but it would show up right away). Happy Breezing!

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    Am I understanding correctly that members cannot tap on a person's email address or phone number to initiate an email or phone call to them, even though a phone's built-in software? We wouldn't want members composing emails to people in Breeze itself, but it's important that they be able to tap to email or call without having to copy/paste. Is there a way to manipulate settings to make this possible?

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    Emily W.

    Hi @info

    You are correct. Our email tool allows you to quickly email those in your database while the texting tool (texts only no phone calls) allows for a one-way communication tool that can be used for quick updates or announcements to be used directly within Breeze itself. Some churches will give their members access to the email tool so that members can email within Breeze, because of the simplicity of being able to compose the email right from the page.If you are not wanting them to do that then the only other option is to allow them to have access to contact information that they can copy and paste or write down to use outside of Breeze. I know this is not ideal for your situation but wanted to include this great recommendation to utilize the online directory so that members can have access to contact information such as email, mobile and home phone number) Here is a great resource that will be most helpful in setting up the online directory: Online Directory with Member Access

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