Giving Members Access Video


Allow members to log in, update their profiles, and access their giving statements

Allow members to log in to access their profiles. Give members the permissions you want them to have - whether that be to update their own information, view their giving history, or make Breeze your online directory for members by allowing them to view limited information for other people. For a brief walk-through on member access, watch the video above.

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  • When a husband and wife setup accounts in breeze as members - i assume they can BOTH  see the giving history.  If a child has an online account - can the child see the "family" giving history?  

  • Hi Keith!

    Great question! At this time, yes. If the settings in the permissions under "My Profile" are checked for "Access to my family members," and the child is a part of the family and the child also has a member role, then they would be able to see the information.

    One workaround, would be to give the children who need to access Breeze, a completely different role and not give them access to family members. 

  • When a member changes their profile information, will notification of what changed be sent to office staff? Or is there a report that we can run that will show us what was changed?

  • can we set it up that members themselces can control which of their information is viewable in an online and print directory? As in, if they don't want their birthday published, or birth year, or some contact info?

  • @pastor

    I'm glad you asked! If members have access to their profile, they have the option to edit their contact information as "private." As long as they don't have the permission "People" → "View/Edit" → "Private Data", they will not be able to see other's private data, only their own data.

    As it turns out, this private data option only applies to contact information. There's a trick with the birthdays where you just need to input 0000 (ex 01/01/0000) and it will make their birthday look like (January 1st) with no birth year. This might help your members feel more comfortable that their whole birthday isn't being made public to other members.

    Our articles, Private Data and Offering an Opt-Out Option in the Account for the Online Directory should really help here!