Using Breeze Outside of the US

Overview: Breeze supports all countries. Below you will find all the advanced troubleshooting or changes within different countries and how they operate within Breeze.

Formatting Changes Based on Country (Account Settings)

  • Date
    • Format changes according to country
      • US accounts are mm/dd/yyyy
      • Most International accounts are dd-mm-yyyy
    • Date format changes to country settings in the following areas:
      • People: Profile Fields, Advanced Search Options
      • Events: starts on and ends on dates, reports search bar
      • Contributions: Add Contributions, Pledge Promises, Statement Criteria and Statement date fields
      • Follow up: "assign on" date
      • Forms: Inserting date fields as well as responses
      • History: date search criteria
    • Date format DOES NOT change to country settings in:
      • Contribution Search Criteria bar
      • All Bulk Imports are still looking for mm/dd/yyyy formatting
  • Address
    • The same address "boxes" exist for all country settings
    • The "state" drop-down options will change based on country settings
      • Seems that ONLY the States/Providences/Territories that are associated with the country are available for selection
      • Exception - Canadian accounts also lists US States
    • Export to mailing labels are consistent with standard US formatting
      • Street Address
      • City State Zip
    • Zip and Postal language in data entry change based on country and accepting local format
  • Time zone changes based on Account Settings
  • Grades some local changes in language are applied (example: Canadian accounts list JK, SK and Grade 1-12)
    • June 15th remains the default "promotion" date in account settings
  • Currency Symbols
    • The euro sign ()
    • The United Arab Emirates dirham (sign: د.إ)
    • The Brazilian real (R$)
    • The Indian rupee sign (sign: )
    • The Mauritius rupee (symbol Rs)
    • The Nicaraguan córdoba (symbol C$)
    • The Norwegian krone (signkr)
    • The Philippine peso sign ()
    • The South African rand (sign: R)
    • Thailand Baht (฿)
    • Pounds, currency symbol is £


  • Profile Fields (with the exception of Locked fields) support language characters and symbols
  • Breeze generated email will have English titles, RSVP buttons, alerts, etc. - no other languages available at this time
  • All navigational descriptions remain in English (example: show more options, change, delete)
  • Function selections, message banners, etc. remain in English (example: people, tags, events, action panel, adding contributions)
  • For additional page translations, use Google Chrome as your internet browser and utilize their "Google Translate" extension to translate entire pages:


  • Email supported in all countries


  • Text Messaging available in the following countries:
  • Non-US text messages are sent from a full phone number, not a short code
  • Attempting to text an unsupported country will default the number they are trying to text to have the country code of the church (in account settings) resulting in failed send attempt
  • Churches and organizations can now send text messages that contain unicode characters, including: Chinese, Thai, Korean Arabic


  • Calendar format does not change

Map Function

  • Map feature: Available in the UK. Note: it takes 24 hours to map after import

Contribution Posting/Reporting

  • Because Breeze is used for posting, not accounting, this doesn't reflect exchange rates, etc... this is just for posting and it will appear with the currency symbol in contribution
  • When using a third party automatic integration the only thing going into Breeze is the posting of the contribution data - with designated currency symbol (determined by what country is selected in account settings)
  • Currency symbols

Breeze Giving

Signing up for Breeze

When signing up for Breeze, (outside of the US ) you will need to enter any address such as 111 Main St.

Apple App Store

While our settings with Apple make our app available to all 155 app stores/countries, because it is not localized into the native language of a country, it may not show. The app is native to English characters.

Android Google Play Store

Information not yet available.


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  • We would love to have a "Country" field available as part of the address. While the majority of our people are in the U.S., we are forced to use a work-around for those living abroad. 

  • Hey @regan!

    Thanks for your feedback here about how we can improve Breeze in updating profile fields for the country field--we’re always on the hunt for the next great idea to serve churches better! Currently we are not accepting feature requests via the Community forum.Would you consider submitting a feature request on our page? If so, please check out

    Happy Breezing! 

  • Good evening, I would like to asked if the IT person could make the text be able to respond and with that set a limit

  • It’s very hard to send a Text to our members and they are not able to respond. Please work on that please

  • Hi @Diana!

    That is excellent feedback! We appreciate you sharing your ideas of what we can do to better serve your church :) 

    Would you mind submitting a feature request to our team?