Member Tutorial Video

Welcome to Breeze Church Management Software! 

Your church is using Breeze and has invited you to create a Member Access account.  We're so glad to have you here.

There are a few ways that you can create an account.  

You may have gone straight to the church breeze webpage ( and opted to create an account from there, or gotten an email invitation, or perhaps through Online Giving.

If you go to the church webpage, you'll enter your name and email - if it matches a record in the database, you'll receive an email to create an account. 

If you got an invitation to set up an account, you won't need to enter your name or email.

Either way, once you receive the email to "Create An Account", click on the link and from there you'll set up a username and password. That's it!  You're all set.

Contact your church administrator with questions about what you have access to, or how to edit your information (based on your permissions).