Moving Contributions

Overview: This article will help you move all contributions from one person in a family to another in the same family.

Bulk editing contributions is limited to changing a gift to have come from another person in the same family. This is most frequently used if someone has passed away and their giving records should be transferred to a surviving spouse. (If you need to make other changes, you'll want to edit each of the individual contributions). To change someone's giving to have come from someone else:

  1. Navigate to the person who the gifts are currently recorded under.
  2. Select "Giving" on the menu to the left of their profile.
  3. Next to the "Download as Excel" button, click the down arrow and select "Move Contributions."1
  4. Select which contributions you want to move and the person you'd like to move them to and click "Move".
1This option will only be available if your account has permission to edit contributions.


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