Viewing Your Text History

Overview: When you send text messages you can look at the text history to see which texts were successfully delivered and which ones failed and the reason for failure. Here, we'll go into a bit more detail about what the reason behind the failed status means. 

 To view your text history: 

    1. Navigate to the "Account Settings" (Image_2020-05-07_at_1.31.50_PM.png) on the top right.
    2. Click "History" in the dropdown menu
    3. On the left-hand side choose "Text"
    4. You can filter at the top by using the columns. Filtering by Dates, Person, or Status. 


To view the details of a specific text click on it to see the Message you sent, those it was delivered to, and those that it failed to send to :



The Failed Texts will show you the reason why the cell phone carrier (of the person you are texting) reported that it failed to be delivered:1_Screen_Shot_2017-08-25_at_8.40.25_AM.png

What Counts as a Text:

If Breeze attempts to send a text, it will count as one text toward your limit/monthly overage, even if the text does not successfully go through. 1 message sent to 30 people will count as 30 texts.

If the status of the text reads "Failed" it means that Breeze tried to send a text. 

If the status of the text reads "Ignored", though it shows in the deliverability report, Breeze did not try to send a text and it will not count against your text limit or charge you if you have unlimited texts enabled. If the status of the text reads "Blocked", because the recipient previously replied STOP to this number, this will not count against your text limit or charge you. 

How Breeze Sends Texts:

Breeze uses a large, highly reputable worldwide texting system called Twilio for mass texting from US-based Breeze accounts (Nexmo for non-US accounts).

If a person's profile has a phone number in the "Mobile" field, and you initiate a text to that person, Breeze will push out a text attempt to that number. The deliverability "reasons" below are messages received from the recipients carrier in response to this attempt. While we attempt to deliver all texts, due to texting technology and carrier limitations, not all texts may be deliverable.


  • Blocked is when the recipient previously replied STOP.
  • Unknown is typically because it's not a real number. No carrier has that number, or has ever, which is why it's "unknown". (a 555 number for instance)

  • Destination Unreachable can mean a couple of different things. It's possible that the recipient personally blocked that number, or they no longer have that number, etc.

  • Unsubscribed (or "RESPONSE_MSISDN_OPTED_OUT_FOR_CAMPAIGN") means the recipient replied "STOP" to a text. To resubscribe, they recipient needs to text "START" to 874-47.

  • Blocked by Carrier typically indicates the recipient has a carrier-block on receiving texts from all short-code numbers (US-Based Breeze Accounts send from a short-code number). Advise the recipient to contact their mobile phone carrier for assistance.

  • Absent Subscriber Permanent is a permanent error and as such messages should not be retried. It refers to messages sent to numbers no longer active, which should be removed from your Breeze account.

  • Anti-Spam Rejection is an error customers of US Cellular are receiving, indicating that our Breeze short code is being blocked as spam.

  • Awaiting Confirmation is an error message means that the carrier has yet to accept the text message for some reason. Whenever a text is sent out through Breeze, it must be received by the cell phone carrier, and the text message then the message is essentially in a holding pattern until the carrier accepts it and in turn sends it out to each individual number.

  • General Error is a general error that doesn't provide additional information for troubleshooting, however, at this point we are seeing this error exclusively for US Cellular customers, indicating that our Breeze short code is being blocked as spam.

  • Invalid Message is an error regarding T-Mobile and MetroPCS customers. This is an issue on the carrier side and the individual will need to contact T-mobile for support.

    This error means one of the following things are happening:

    • T-Mobile and MetroPCS: The phone number belongs to a prepaid user who does not have enough credit to receive an SMS.
    • T-Mobile only: The individual is not provisioned to receive SMS from all short codes (or from specific short codes).
    • T-Mobile only: The individual is on a MVNO connected via T-Mobile. T-Mobile does not deliver SMS messages from short codes to the individual on MVNOs.
  • Ignored: This is a duplicate number that has already been used in the text group (example: two people in a family with the same mobile number, Breeze will only send the text once, using one text credit, even though two people are included in the text group.

  • No Mobile Phone: A customer would receive this error if a land line was entered in the Mobile Phone field instead of a cell phone, OR if more than one cell phone number is entered in the Mobile Phone field.

    • Breeze does not allow for texting to multiple cell phone numbers that are entered in the Mobile Phone field.

  • Depleted Account: This error means that your Breeze account (all users) has sent over 250 text messages in the given calendar month. Breeze will no longer send/deliver texts beyond 250 in that calendar month until you enable unlimited texting (More > Account Settings).

To Delete a Scheduled Text Message:

  1. Navigate to the "Account Settings" (Image_2020-05-07_at_1.31.50_PM.png) on the top right.
  2. Click "History" in the dropdown menu
  3. On the left-hand side choose the option of your User History that you would like to see (Text)
  4. Select the "Scheduled" text message that you would like to delete and click on the subject to bring up the message.
  5. Select "Unschedule and Remove."

Enable Unlimited Texting:

By default, your Breeze account receives 250 complimentary texts per calendar month. To enable texting beyond 250 per month, navigate to the "Account Settings" (Image_2020-05-07_at_1.31.50_PM.png) > Texting. Each text over 250 per month will be billed at $0.01 (1 penny) USD, per recipient (1 message sent to 30 people will count as 30 texts and cost $0.30 if over the monthly complimentary limit of 250). If you are unable to view "Account Settings" in your "More" menu, please contact your church Breeze Administrator.

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  • So when checking the text history, on the failures page, if the reason now says "Accepted", does this mean the text was successful or failed and I should resend?


  • @rhazlewood

    Thanks for reaching out to the Community!

    This is currently a bug that we are monitoring with Breeze and is being resolved. This text should be considered to be Delivered unless otherwise communicated from the person it was sent to! We will continue to keep you posted from our support side. 


  • What does status "expired" mean? What does reason "unroutable" mean? Why are messages failing with an "unknown" reason if the phone number has been verified as correct?

  • @kaydee

    "Expired" means that the message timed out on the carrier's side.
    "Unroutable" means that the message failed due to no route being available to deliver the message to the number in question.  
    As for the "unknown" number being "verified as correct"....we've been monitoring a bug that has been doing this and are working on resolution for it!
    Let us know how we can continue to serve you!
  • Once I see the email and text history, what is the easiest way to stop texts and emails from going to those emails that bounced? remove numbers from receiving texts that previously texted stop or ignored or couldn't go through?

  • Hey @myflchurch,

    Great question! The best way to stop emails or text from going to the ones that fail is to either remove them from the profile or select "Do Not Email/Text" by selecting the "More Options" under the number/email on their profile. 

  • Hi, I lifted the text limit. Is there a way to resend the failed messages without having to text them one by one?

  • Hey @sandranoble582

    Great question! Unfortunately, there is not a way at this time to re-send them. If you have any other questions about our texting tool, please don't hesitate to reach back out.


  • We really need to have a way to receive responses to text messages.

  • Hey @PastorRuben! I would love to help you find a solution to the one-way texting feature here! I would Create a Form and edit the hyperlink and call the link "Reply Here," so that you can store replies to text messages in Breeze. Another option would be to just use the email feature for this situation as they will easily be able to reply to your email. 


  • In two separate instances, the system failed a scheduled group message that contained a web link and showed "Pending" as the reason for failure (it also changed the scheduled time to 5 hours later).

    Seeing that the scheduled post had failed, I successfully sent a second message without the URL. Later, however, the failed message was delivered!

    Is there a backend verification process before a text message with a URL will be sent?

  • Hey @info!

    Thanks for reaching out! I am so sorry that this has happened. While there is no verification process before a text is sent out, I do have some information that might be helpful in regards to the delated texts. Due this unprecedented season of COVID 19, so many of our churches are facing this same thing. The usage of this tool has dramatically increased for many and the platform has been flooded with a significantly higher volume of messages being sent than normal. Our development team is working to see what they can do to try and improve this.  Because of the amount of texts that are being scheduled, specifically over the weekend we have seen more of a delay in timing than we would like. Part of the timing delay in this, is also each cell phone carrier accepting the messages as their platforms are overtaxed as well. We have found text messages that are "sent", rather than scheduled are sending faster. As those that are scheduled for a specific time get put into a queue that we are seeing backlogged. 
    Again, we deeply apologize for this delay. Our team here at Breeze is working hard with the texting platform to see if we can speed this process up, as we have had significantly more messages being scheduled and sent than ever before in the history of Breeze.

    While this may not be the ideal answer you were hoping for, I do hope the information is most helpful. 

    Praying for you and your ministry! 

  • What happens when the recipient replies? Where is that displayed and are we notified? I have had someone who is trying to respond to my texts sent from Breeze but nothing happens on our end. I don't see any trace of them in history. 

  • Hey @njatcko,

    So sorry for the confusion here! Breeze's texting feature is currently only one way and functions more like a notification than it does like a conversation starter. Unfortunately, because of this there isn't a way to find any responses that someone might have sent you. I do apologize for the inconvenience here! 

    I hope that's helpful in clearing things up! 

  • Hi @Alex,

    I appreciate your reply but am now panicking as we got rid of another service thinking yours would replace it. Is there any workaround other than email? We text our college students as we are a campus ministry. They don't use email. In fact, our donors don't even use it a lot of the time. We book donor visits with text many times. Is any solution coming soon? 

  • Hi @njatcko,

    Oh no! While this feature isn't scheduled to be released any time soon, there are a couple of workarounds that I can think of in the meantime. The first one was mentioned by Connor earlier in this thread:


    Second, a company called Pastor's Line has created an integration on their end that connects Tags in Breeze to their software for two-way texting. I've heard of some churches/ministries that have gone this route. You can inquire more on their website:

    If you need additional assistance, feel free to reach out to us at

  • Once I send out a text through Breeze, how do I access any replies?

  • @greesesfap,

    They cannot reply to the text as it is a one-way push, however, you can create a form in Breeze and put the link to it in your text so that recipients can reply. I hope this helps. 

  • @greesesfap 

    @njatcko is correct.  Breeze texting is one-way only.  Using a Form is a good way to get information back from your members.  Thanks, @njatcko!

  • What does it mean if it says a text "Failed - Could not be completed" but does not list a reason for it? We have verified the phone number and it is entered correctly.

  • Hey @rjaggerfct!

    Depending on the carrier, there are some messages that the phone carrier themselves will block. This is unfortunately outside of our control. The phone company can block a message to particular numbers for various reasons. It is hard to determine the source/cause because phone carriers won’t disclose their criteria for why they block certain messages.

    • We recommend for them to reach out to their phone carrier to ask why this is being blocked.
    • It is good not to make the texts look "spammy" and not have "DONATE:" or "CLICK HERE =>"
    • This text could be blocked due to links, if a church sends a bunch of texts with links the carrier may be blocking the number.

    I hope this helps! Please don't hesitate to reach out to :)