Changing/Updating User Settings

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    When I follow these instructions, I briefly get the correct edit screen, but almost immediately it replaces the username, first name, and last name with that of our office manager. This happens with all users.

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    Emily W.

    Hi Breezchms!

    Happy to help! Would you mind to provide all of this information in an email to our Support team so that we can troubleshoot and resolve this issue for you! :) 

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    I may have figured it out.

    I think if I have two Breeze tabs open at the same time, Breeze gets confused.

    It seems to be working ok now.

    I'll follow up if it happens again.



    Pastor and Software Developer

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    That wasn't it.

    But this was:

    LastPass thought the fields were login fields, and was trying to autofill them.

    In Lastpass, in each account, I went to Advanced Settings and checked [x]] disable autofill.

    That solved it. Something for your files!

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