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    New to Breeze. I have been sending texts to my Small Group the past few weeks and getting some that are not being delivered.

    Some in my history say "Awaiting Confirmation"  What does that mean?

    Some in my history say "Status = Failed and "Reason" = Delivered.   The cell phone number are valid.  What does that mean?



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    As an administrator, how do I get a overview of quantities of text messages sent by users?




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    Hey John,

    You can check out this information in the log. 

    To access the log go to More > Account Settings > Log.

    Then choose your action "Text Sent".  You'll then get a populated list of who has sent texts (each one will appear individual, even if it was sent out as a group)

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    On failed text message reason, what does RESPONSE_MSISDN_OPTED_OUT_FOR_CAMPAIGN mean exactly?

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    I have one person that this message come up under also, not sure what it means so am following this comment.


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    Emily W.

    HI all! "RESPONSE_MSISDN_OPTED_OUT_FOR_CAMPAIGN" means at some point the person receiving the text sent the message "STOP" to the number to end all texts from coming through to their phone. 

    We can remove them from the no text list for you if you would like. You can send a message to our Support team with the phone number and we can get that done for you! Our email is


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    Dominique Tate

    Is it possible for Admins to have access to other members' email history? 

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    Emily W.

    Hi there!

    The Breeze log can be a powerful tool for administrators to review how Breeze is being used including emails sent.

    Log of Changes / Audit Trail

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    Hi Albert,

    I am having the same difficulties with my text messages. Like you, some of mine say "Awaiting Confirmation" and some say "Status = Failed and "Reason" = Delivered. As far as I know, all of the numbers are current and valid. Did you figure out what the problem was?

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    Hi Angela. Yes, Still having the problem.

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