Printing a Pledge Statement for a Specific Pledge Campaign

Enhance your communication with pledgers using customized statements in Breeze! Learn how to create unique statements tailored to those who have pledged, incorporating pledge summary information efficiently.

You may decide that you want to send a unique or special statement out to those who have pledged. While, you can always include the [pledge_summary] mail merge on any statement that you are sending out; If you want to create a special statement for pledgers it can be done, but it will take a few steps to accomplish so roll up your selves and let's dive in. 

Determine Who your Statement is For

Create a Statement for Pledgers with Pledge Information Only Create a Statement for Pledgers with All Giving Information

Use this option if you are wanting to generate a statement for those who have Pledged that only includes giving contributed towards a specific pledge, not including all other giving the pledgers may have made. This option will filter the giving report to only include giving that has been contributed towards a specific pledge. 

  1. Go to "Reports" in Giving.
  2. Select the "More" filter option and choose "Pledged To" 
  3. Under the "Pledged To" filter select the "Campaign Name" of the pledge you are wanting to send statements out for.
  4. Choose "Include Non Givers" if you'd like to include people who have pledged but have not yet given towards the pledge yet.
  5. Towards the upper right of the screen, find the "Download as Excel" button, click the arrow just to the right, and follow the steps below to Customize the Statement.


To Customize the Pledge Statement

Once you have decided who you are sending your statements to, the next step is to customize your statement for your pledgers to include the pledge summary information on the statement.

  1. In the Modify Statement Editor, include the Mail Merge field of Pledges Summary.
  2.  Modify the [pledges_summary] mail merge to include information you would like displayed.


Pledge Summary Options

The Pledge Summary Mail Merge Option contains information for active pledges during any part of the selected date range or filter used.

The [pledges summary] will include all previous contributions matching the pledge, even if they extend before the start date of your statements (filters) so that the amount given to the pledge will be accurate. This ensures prepaid pledges receive accurate pledge summaries for the current year. 

You can also specify what pledge information is displayed and which pledges will show up by adding specific text to the mail merge option. You will want to make sure not to include any spaces,  not capitalize any letters, and only use one mail merge. If you are looking to add multiple pledges, this is done through the campaign-nnnn option, as displayed below.

Here are a few examples of what a pledge summary modified can look like:

  • Summary Including One Pledge: [pledges_summary:campaign_name:amount:remaining:percent:campaign-5823]
  • Summary Including Multiple Pledges:[pledges_summary:campaign_name:amount:remaining:percent:campaign-5823:campaign-4290:campaign-19389]

The Pledge Summary Options that can be included in the mail merge are:




The name of the campaign


The start and end date of the donor's pledge (e.g. 1/1/2017 - 12/31/2017)


How often and how much the donor planned to give (e.g. $50 weekly)


The amount given and total amount pledged (e.g. $200 of $500)


The amount that still needs to be paid (e.g. $300 Remaining)


The note associated with the pledge


The percentage paid (e.g. 40%)


The ability to specify a specific campaign to include, excluding the rest. Replace nnnn with the campaign ID. The campaign ID can be obtained by navigating to the campaign in your Breeze account and looking at the number on the end of the URL. You may include multiple campaign IDs if desired (e.g. :campaign-1000:campaign-1001:campaign-1002). An example using this option might look like:



How to Video

The above video provides an in-depth overview of how to customize statements for pledgers,
and how to modify the [Pledge Summary] mail merge option.


For more information on customizations, check out Customizing Statements