Printing a Pledge Statement for a Specific Pledge Campaign

Sometimes churches want to send out a pledge statement for a specific campaign and print/email the statement to their members.

To create a pledge statement:

  1. Go to More > Contributions > Reports
  2. Choose "More" > "Pledged To" from the filter options
  3. Under the "Pledged To" filter select "Campaign Name"
  4. Choose "Include Non Givers" if you'd like to include people who have pledged but have not yet given
  5. Click the expand arrow to the right of "Download as Excel" option
  6. Choose "Print Statement" (or "Email Statement")
  7. Click the Pencil Icon in the bottom left
  8. In the customization of your statement, include the mail merge option of "Pledges Summary" and edit statement as needed
  9. Click "Save"
  10. Click the "Expand Arrow" to the right of "Download as Excel" option
  11. Choose "Print Statement" (or "Email Statement")
  12. Select "Print" (or "Continue to Compose Message" > "Send")
  13. To learn more check out: Creating Statements

To Customize the Statement for a specific campaign:

  1. Bring up the "Print Statements" window
  2. Click the pencil icon in the lower left of the window.
  3. Use the Mail Merge field of Pledges Summary.
  4. Go to the body of the text and edit the [pledges_summary]
  5. include "campaign-nnnn" (the "nnnn" should be replaced by the campaign ID)


campaign-nnnn The ability to specify a specific campaign to include, excluding the rest. Replace nnnn with the campaign ID. The campaign ID can be obtained by navigating to the campaign in your Breeze account and looking at the number on the end of the URL. You may include multiple campaign IDs if desired (e.g. :campaign-1000:campaign-1001:campaign-1002). An example using this option might look like:


For more information on customizations check out: Customizing Statements  


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    Nate here with Breeze, this is a great question!  And per the article above, we are able to customize statements and reports to include information from multiple campaigns.  
    However, in order to basically filter out those that have given vs. those that have not given, you might need to consider approaching it from a different angle.  And that would be to see if those pledges were set to certain funds, and if they were, then you could run a report for just those funds, and then do the graph view for non givers.  
    I sure hope this helps!  If you still need additional assistance, go ahead and reach out to our support channel, and myself, or another one of the advisors, can dive into this a little more with you.  
    Thanks for your patience!
  • Well, yes, this is helpful. But actually I'd like to include givers who pledged to *any* current campaign, even if they didn't contribute. Or at least to be able to select more than one "pledged to" campaign.

    The reason? We don't normally send just pledge statements, we just make sure pledges are on the giving statements. And even if there was a pledge acknowledgement it wouldn't help the problem:

    We occasionally have members who make a pledge but then forget to make contributions. Some examples:

    • A member who pre-paid most of their 2019 pledge with an RMD in 2018 intending to make up the difference in 2019. But they forgot.
    • Several members who normally set up recurring bank transfers through our online system, but again forgot to do that for the new year.

    In both cases, since the member had no contributions in 2019, they didn't get a statement. A statement showing no contributions would have been a subtle nudge that something was missing.

    Our previous management system, when generating statements, had check boxes for "those who gave" and "those who pledged." Checking both ensured that those absent-minded pledgers got a statement reminding them they were behind. I'd sure like to be able to do the same thing.