Updating Payment Methods for Members


When getting a new credit/debit card or bank account you may need to update your payment method for online giving.

To update the payment method for your account:

  1. Log into Breeze.
  2. Click the "Give Now" tab in the upper right. 
  3. Enter the amount you'd like to give and the new payment method and information and click "Donate Now." 
  4. If it is a Recurring Gift, Click "Recurring Gifts" from the navigation on the left and click "change" to adjust the recurring gift they'd like to change.
  5. To delete the old card or account information, Click "Payment Methods" from the navigation on the left and click the "x" out to the right of the old method. 

 Note: If you do not have a log in, or see a Give now tab, please contact your church or organization administration. They will be best to equip you in updating your payment method.


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