Recurring Giving For Donors

Now, more than ever, stabilizing your church's income is critical to continuing ministry. We know from experience, donors are very committed to supporting their church, but often simply forget to give or don't know how to give online. Setting up a recurring gift to your church will help members accomplish their desire to support your church and also stabilize your ministry income.

How to set up recurring gifts:

    • Go to your church’s giving page (the page can found on your church's website, social media page, or a link provided by your church).
    • Enter the amount you'd like to give.
    • Then click on “one time gift’ and select a different frequency from the dropdown menu (weekly, every two weeks, monthly, yearly).
    • Select your Payment Method then click "Continue".
    • Now enter your Payment Details, choose if you will add the processing fees, and click the give button.

Here is a helpful video to walk you through setting up a recurring gift on a computer: 

Here is a helpful video to walk you through setting up a recurring gift on a smartphone: 


There are two ways to manage recurring gifts, from the donor’s end or from the church’s administrative portal.  Note: Donors will need a Giving Account or User access to Breeze to manage their own accounts.


To modify a recurring donation from the donor's side:

  1. Log into Breeze and Click on "Give Now" > "Recurring Gifts" (on the left)
  2. Click "change" next to the recurring gift you wish to update
  3. Click "Show More Options"
  4. Click "Change" next to the section you'd like to modify and make your desired changes.

If you, as the donor, do not have a way to log in or you do not see the "Give Now" tab, please contact your church administrator. If you do not see your recurring donation appear in the "recurring gifts" page, please contact your church administrator as the gift may not have been associated with your profile yet and they can do this for you! 

To modify a recurring donation from the church side:

  1. Navigate to "More" > "Contributions" > "Online Giving."
  2. Towards the bottom of the page, you'll see the "Recurring" tab. Click on this tab. 
  3. Find the recurring payment you would like to modify and click the amount.
  4. In the Recurring Payment window click "Change" to the right of the section, you'd like to modify
    • Payment Method 
      Section, use this to Update or change the Payment Method of the recurring gift. 

    • Schedule 
      Sectionuse this to adjust the date, amount, frequency, and fund of the recurring gift. 

    • Donor 
      Section: Reassign the association of this recurring giver to a new person.  

When a donor first sets up a recurring donation, they can choose the start
date, up to one month in advance. When modifying the recurring donation either
from the admin side or from the donor's side, you are able to push the next
donation out up to 6 months out in the future. Future-dated recurring donations
are accessible in the Online Giving > Recurring Tab of Breeze.
If you happen to remove a fund in the Funds section that a recurring donation
is set for, the recurring gift will readjust to go to the new fund you selected
to move the contributions to when you deleted the fund. See article on Funds
for more information.

Note: If the donor is giving a recurring gift to a fund that is no longer available as an option on the Online Giving Page, the recurring gift will not be altered and will continue to go towards that fund.

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