Associating Transactions Without Names


Once in a while, a person may exclude typing their name in Online Giving, using "Master Card" or "Visa" in the "Name" field. This can also happen if information is entered as something other than your name in Online Giving or a Breeze Form Payment. This can present some confusion on how to find and associate these names since they only have an address and amount listed.

  1. Cross-reference the address of the gift in the People section of Breeze for a matching name. This person may already be in the database!
  2. Check the "Batches" area to see if this gift was a payment from a Breeze Form. If so, cross-reference the names listed in that Batch with the Form results as a process of elimination to discover the missing name.

 Additional Information:

Check out our articles on Associating Transactions With Profiles , Batches and Form Results for additional tips and tricks in these areas!

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