How to Add Giving to Your Website with Breeze Giving and Tithely Sites

Integrating Breeze Giving with your Site enhances the giving experience for your community, making it straightforward and accessible directly from your website. Here's a clear and concise guide on setting this up.

Video Walkthrough: 5 Ways to incorporate Breeze Giving on your Site. 

First, decide if you'd like to add your Breeze Giving by:

  • Breeze Giving embedded directly on your site 
  • Directly through a menu item (menu item points to Breeze Giving Page) 
  • A button on the website that points to the Breeze giving page 

Embed Breeze Giving 

Video Walkthrough to Embed Breeze Giving 

Step 1: Access Your Breeze Advanced Embed Code

  1. Navigate to "Giving" > "Online Giving"
  2. Under Web Settings, click the Share button.
  3. Next to the Embed in Website option, select Advanced. Copy the embed code. 
    Zight Recording 2024-04-22 at 04.31.06 PM.gif

Step 2: Embed Breeze Giving on Your Site

  1. Navigate to the admin side of your site. 
  2. Navigate to the Page and area you would like to add your Breeze Giving form.
  3. Add a Text with Photo Block.
  4. Click Edit Element within the block.
    1. Add your Heading and Subheading. 
    2. Click the <> Source Code option in the Body toolbar. Paste your Breeze Giving Embed Code
  5. Save and Preview.

Using your Breeze Giving Link

Video Walkthrough for Using Your Breeze Giving Link

Including Gathering your Giving link from Breeze, Adding and editing the main, topbar, and footer menus to include your Giving Link on your Tithely Site, and including your Giving Link in blocks using buttons. 

Step 1: Access Your Breeze Giving Link

  1. Navigate to "Giving" > "Online Giving"
  2. Copy your Giving Page Address. Example:
    Zight Recording 2024-04-05 at 04.48.57 PM.gif

Step 2: Adding Giving Link to Your Site

Consider if you want a menu item to link directly to your Breeze Online Giving page or a Giving page on your website with more information on supporting your church, including links to your Breeze Online Giving page.

  1. Access your Tithely Site
  2. Decide where you want to add the giving option: 
    1. As a main menu item
    2. As a footer menu item
    3. As a topbar menu item
    4. Link to your page using buttons on a Text with Photo block

Interested in a free Launch Kit to support you in launching Breeze ChMS and Breeze Giving at your church? Check it out here!

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