What to Do If Your Breeze Account Remains Suspended After Updating Your Credit Card in Tithely

Experiencing an account suspension in Breeze can be concerning, particularly if it happens unexpectedly. Typically, accounts are suspended due to issues with payment processing—specifically, if there have been multiple unsuccessful attempts to charge the card on file. This article guides you through the steps to reactivate your suspended account by updating your payment details in Tithely.

Reactivating Your Suspended Breeze Account:

  1. Update Your Payment Method:
    Ensure that you have entered all the correct details for your new credit card under the Billing section in Tithely. This update is crucial for reinstating your Breeze account.
  2. Allow Time for Processing:
    Once you've updated your payment information, it can take up to 5 minutes for the changes to reflect in Breeze. This delay is necessary for the systems to process and verify the updated billing information.
  3. Log Out and Wait:
    After updating your credit card, log out of your Breeze account and close your browser. This action helps clear any session-specific data that might be storing the suspension status.
  4. Log Back Into Breeze:
    Wait a few minutes, then log back into your Breeze account. This delay allows enough time for the update to propagate through the systems and lift the suspension on your account.
  5. Check Account Status:
    Upon logging back in, check if your account status has been updated and the suspension has been lifted. You should be able to access all functionalities of Breeze as usual.

If Issues Persist:

If your account is still showing as suspended after following these steps, there may be additional billing issues that need to be addressed. Please contact our support team.

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