My credit card isn't showing after signing up for Sites in Breeze, what do I do?

Why Isn’t My Payment Method Showing?
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When you update your payment method or sign up for additional services like Sites in Breeze, it typically takes a short period for these changes to be reflected in your Billing section. Here’s why:

  • Processing Time: Updates to your payment methods go through a processing period. During this time, the new information is securely validated and recorded in our system.
  • Update Cycle: We continuously update our records to ensure that all changes are accurately captured and displayed. This can take a short while, depending on the timing of your update.

What can I do? Add Your Payment Method

  1. Click the Change Card button at the top right-hand side of the screen in the Payment Method box. 
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    This will open a view of all cards kept on file. The highlighted card is the one currently setup for subscriptions. You can select any card on file for using it for billing:
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  2. Update the Credit Card on File

    On the Payment Method screen, select New Credit Card.
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    Enter your new card information and click Add Card.

    Note: By default, the newly added payment method will be set as the default payment method. If you unselect the box for setting it as the default payment method, then the newly added card will NOT be used for Billing but can be used in the future.

We’re Here to Help

We’re committed to making your administrative tasks as smooth as possible. If you have any questions about your billing information, payment methods, or any other features of Sites in Breeze, our support team is ready to assist you. Contact our team. 

Internal Note:
When a customer signs up for additional paid features in Breeze (Sites, Apps, Service Planning) or updates their payment method, there might be a delay in displaying this information in Hub. This can occur due to the bi-weekly manual synchronization process between Breeze and our payment processor, Stripe.
Data Synchronization with Stripe:
Customer payment data from Breeze is exported and then imported into Hub on a bi-weekly basis.
This process is manual due to limitations with Stripe's API, which does not support the automation of this data transfer.
The synchronization is guaranteed at a minimum on a monthly basis, but efforts are made to update this data bi-weekly.
How can we best support these customers?
Request the customer to manually enter their credit card
Do not disclose the details of the data synchronization schedule or the manual nature of the process to customers to avoid confusion.
Assure the customer that their billing information is secure and will be updated in our records shortly.
Recommend that they check back after a certain period, or notify them when the update has been completed.


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