Putting the Breeze Calendar on a Website or Sharing With Google

To embed the Breeze calendar on your website you can either:

Use the Breeze Embed Code

  1. Select the "Events" tab from the top right.
  2. Click the gear icon in the top right corner next to "Add Event" and choose "Embed Calendar on Website".
  3. Copy the code as is or click "Show Options" in the bottom left to modify the code as desired.
  4. Paste it on your church website or anywhere that will accept an embed code. 

Screen Recording 2020-06-03 at 10.54 AM

Note: If you add a new calendar to your Breeze calendar, it will also be visible on your website until the code is updated to include only select calendars. We recommend viewing and selecting only the calendars that you want to display on your website and then updating the embed code each time that a new calendar is added to your Breeze account to ensure that the calendar on your website only displays the calendars that you want to display.

Note: If someone is viewing the calendar in the Breeze app, it shows up in List mode automatically.

Integrate with Google Calendar

Alternatively, you can push your Breeze calendar out to a Google Calendar and embed the Google Calendar on your website with Breeze Events showing up within it. For more information on our Google Calendar integration, see External Calendars

Have a WordPress website? You might consider using the third party WordPress Breeze Plugin.
*In order to embed the calendar, a user must have permissions to Events > Edit events.
Embed with WordPress For a really efficient and seamless way to include your Breeze calendar on a WP built and powered website, see if your theme has an HTML widget that you can drop on a blank "calendar" page! Then, simply copy and paste your Breeze embed code, and it will sync instantly! Even changes you make on your Breeze calendar will instantly be adjusted, altered, added or deleted on the calendar you have on your website. Remember, you can select which calendars to include in your embed code, which is VERY helpful when you have private or personal events scheduled that you don't want out there for the public to view.
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  • Hi There.  

    We would like to integrate our breeze calendar into our Wordpress site.

    Embedding the calendar is simple enough, but I would like to check 2 things with you:

    1.) Scrolling: Scrolling only seems to work on certain browsers/computers.  On Chrome it scrolls, but stops at a stage at which you then need to scroll the actual page to go down further.

    On Safari it keeps scrolling which is great.  Meaning if you start scrolling on the calendar and it comes to the end of it , if you keep scrolling the actual page starts scrolling which is what I'd like.

    Haven't been able to test Firefox or Explorer yet.

    I have changed the scrolling="auto" setting to "yes" and "always" and "true", but results stay the same.

    2.) The event modal window/popup window which pops up when you click on an event doesn't seem to be fully responsive.  It generally takes the whole width of window, but cuts off a lot of info to the bottom...seems like it has a set height which causes it to be massive.  Also these modal windows/ popup windows are also not scrolling as mentioned above like the calendar.   


    Could you please advise if there is a solution for this?



  • @daniel

    Concerning scrolling, this would be different depending on the browser. Each browser performs a little differently when it comes to this feature so it will adapt according to the browser.

    Concerning the pop-up window, We recognize that there are some apparent limitations to this. At this time, there is not a solution…However, this is definitely something that we are looking to resolve in the future. 


    If you have any additional questions here, please don't hesitate to let us know!

  • We've embedded the calendar in our WordPress site which seems to work well on a desktop platform. The calendar refuses to come up at all on the mobile version of the site.  Any ideas?  

  • @techsupport

    Thanks for reaching out to us! It sounds like a setting that should be adjusted within Wordpress to make sure that the calendar is able to be viewed from any device. If it shows up on a desktop, then we can confirm that the Breeze code is working correctly. I wish there was more info that I could give you here! It seems like this solution falls outside of Breeze. 


  • When embedding the calendar on our website, it no longer shows any of the events on it. It's now just a blank calendar, any idea why that is? 

  • @selina

    Thanks for reaching out! There could be several things that could contribute to your calendar not functioning correctly on your website. You want to make sure that no parameters have changed on your websites end first. If you continue to see errors, please reach out to our support line so that we can help you personally!

  • Hi. Great product! Embedding calendar on our WordPress site for the first time and I'd like it to display as large as possible. I see one of the display options is: Small, Medium or Large. Is there any reason I should NOT try changing the HTML width code from "900" to "1150" so the calendar extends across the whole page?

    John in Durango

  • Hello, Im embedding my breeze calendar to our new website and I'm working with subsplash and snappages as my editor. The problem I'm having is that when I view my calendar in the preview it is not center aligned horizontally. Almost everything else is working perfectly but I want to find a piece of code to add so it will center the calendar in the page. I also am having an issue with the size when viewing in mobile and tablet versions of the site, and the calendar is the only thing that will not adjust.

  • @comtech

    Thanks for reaching out to us! We would love to help serve you with your questions about the Breeze calendar. Since this request is code related and could require some advanced troubleshooting, I suggest submitting a support email for giving us a call so that we can walk through this with you. Thank you for letting us get you to the right people for this!



  • @Stephen

    Thank you for the response and apologies for the late one in return. After a lot of time spent disabling each WordPress plugin to see if any of those were the culprit, I recently discovered that the cause was actually a browser extension! Everything is now working (and most likely always was) as it should. Thanks.

  • Did you all figure out the breeze subsplash/snap pages problem? It does not center the calendar.

  • @reyesjimmy

    Unfortunately, I am unfamiliar with this issue. Were you in communication with our Specialists concerning this? If not, please feel free to reach out to us via the support Email or by Phone so that we can make sure and solidify some answers for you!

  • Hi there,

    I've embedded my calendar onto our new church website on the Wix platform with ease. The problem I've run into is that in mobile mode, the calendar is still in large grid format with lots of horizontal and vertical scrolling -- not ideal. In this article, it says

    "Note:  If the calendar is embedded onto a website and someone is viewing in the Breeze app or on a mobile device, it shows up in List mode automatically."

    This didn't work for me. Can you please advise or suggest how I can switch to a mobile-friendly calendar format?



  • Hey @rbaker !

    You asked a great question about why your calendar is not showing up correctly on your Wix website! I apologize that this is happening. I know this can be super frustrating to not be able to see what's going on in your calendar clearly! :( 

    Do you mind providing me with the website link, so we can take a look into it on our end? :)


  • Hey @rbaker !

    Thanks so much for your patience while we looked into things. Regarding the quote, I sincerely apologize for the miscommunication here! This is not breezy. :( As we have started the new Events beta, we realize that this is no longer the case, so this is definitely our bad. We have updated the article to reflect this. The quote you mentioned is now referring to viewing the calendar within the Breeze App, and not directly on an external website.

    Again, I super apologize for leading you astray here with this. Our team would really value it if you left some feedback about this in our Events beta feedback located here:


    One thing that may work here is changing it to list view when embedding vs the grid view.

    I know this is not at all the answer you were hoping for, and I apologize for this. Thank you for your grace and your patience with us. Please reach out if you have any more questions. We are here to serve!


  • I would love to have an "upcoming events" list on our website, that would show only events from today onward.  I know I can embed a list view of the calendar, but I don't see a way to specify upcoming events only.  Is this possible, or should I make a feature request?

    (I know I can integrate the calendar with Google, then embed Google's Agenda view, but if it were possible without that extra layer, it would make me very happy.

  • Hey @wyndwoman!

    This is an excellent question! At this time, there is currently not a way to embed a calendar straight from Breeze onto your website and have it show only the events from the current day and onward. As you mentioned, Breeze can only embed a calendar for the entire month. I sincerely apologize for this limitation. I know this must be disappointing and frustrating! I would definitely recommend reaching out to our development team with this great idea! I really love the thought of this being an option in the future! You can reach out to them here: Submitting Feature Requests.

    Have a wonderful day! :) 

  • When embedding Breeze calendar into the loop bulletin using list option, it defaults to the month view starting display at 3/28. Is there a way to setup embed to start with current day or week using the embed option similar to how you have it on dashboard for upcoming events?

  • Hey @txtarts! I'm pulling your request into our Support channel. Please look for an email from me soon. :)

  • We've integrated our Breeze Main calendar into the events page of our Subplash church app. The event descriptions are coming over as plain text. Is there a setting to enable full HTML (especially hyperlinks)? We'd love to include links to RSVP forms for some events. Thanks!

  • @sstringer

    It sounds like there is something on the Subsplash side that needs to be looked at.  I would recommend that you reach out to them since the hyperlinks are working correctly within Breeze.

    Hope that helps!

  • Hello,

    I have linked a Google calendar to Breeze (it features youth ministry events) and it displays correctly in Breeze itself.  However, when I generate the embed code to put a calendar on a website, it changes the time of several events to an hour later than it should be.  I have narrowed it down to the embed code itself (I copied and pasted it onto another website to confirm that it wasn't the website's server's time setting).  Any suggestions on how to fix this?  It's a problem to have the wrong time listed on the church website.   

  • Hey Bruce! Thanks so much for writing in about this! I'm going to pull your request into our support channel so we can best serve you here. 

    Look for an email from me soon. :) 

  • Could someone post a link to their church website (Wordpress preferably) so I can see how the embedded calendar looks?

  • @edwardgoode

    This would be a great question to post in the Facebook Users Group.  You would get some fast and helpful replies there.  Here is the link: Facebook Users Group.

    Hope that helps!