Putting the Breeze Calendar on a Website or Sharing With Google

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    Hi There.  

    We would like to integrate our breeze calendar into our Wordpress site.

    Embedding the calendar is simple enough, but I would like to check 2 things with you:

    1.) Scrolling: Scrolling only seems to work on certain browsers/computers.  On Chrome it scrolls, but stops at a stage at which you then need to scroll the actual page to go down further.

    On Safari it keeps scrolling which is great.  Meaning if you start scrolling on the calendar and it comes to the end of it , if you keep scrolling the actual page starts scrolling which is what I'd like.

    Haven't been able to test Firefox or Explorer yet.

    I have changed the scrolling="auto" setting to "yes" and "always" and "true", but results stay the same.

    2.) The event modal window/popup window which pops up when you click on an event doesn't seem to be fully responsive.  It generally takes the whole width of window, but cuts off a lot of info to the bottom...seems like it has a set height which causes it to be massive.  Also these modal windows/ popup windows are also not scrolling as mentioned above like the calendar.   


    Could you please advise if there is a solution for this?



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    Stephen Ivey


    Concerning scrolling, this would be different depending on the browser. Each browser performs a little differently when it comes to this feature so it will adapt according to the browser.

    Concerning the pop-up window, We recognize that there are some apparent limitations to this. At this time, there is not a solution…However, this is definitely something that we are looking to resolve in the future. 


    If you have any additional questions here, please don't hesitate to let us know!

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