Restrict The Staff Calendar to Certain People

Breeze enables precise control over calendar access through customizable roles and permissions, ensuring team members view only what's necessary for their duties. This concise guide walks you through adjusting access rights, whether adding new roles or tweaking existing ones, to either restrict or allow calendar visibility. Simplify your church's scheduling by defining who sees what, enhancing both privacy and organizational efficiency. For deeper insights, our Help Center articles on managing calendars and roles are readily available.


Editing Roles & Permissions to Restrict Calendars

  1. From the Dashboard select Account Settings.
  2. Select Users and Roles.
  3. Select Roles.
  4. Add a New Role by clicking the Add New Role button or Editing an Existing Role by clicking the pencil icon to the right of the Role Name.
  5. Now click the disclosure triangle to the right of Events.
  6. Click the disclosure triangle to the right of Only Access Certain Calendars.
  7. Now choose Allow Access or Restrict Access from certain calendars.
    Note: You only need to do one or the other. If you restrict access from certain calendars, any new calendars by default will be viewable to this Role. If you allow access to certain calendars, any new calendar will by default not be visible.
  8. Click Update Role.


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