Editing a Role

To edit an existing role:

  1. Go to Account Settings (mceclip3.png)
  2. Choose "Users & Roles"
  3. Click "Roles" on the left.
  4. Click the pencil icon to the right of the role you'd like to modify.
  5. Change the permissions you'd like adjusted and click "Update Role."

To learn about how to assign your modified role to a user, see Editing A User.



When editing a role, you can hover your mouse over any permission to get an idea of what having that permission will grant the user to do. 


Note: The more restrictive setting will overwrite other permissions in a conflict between two settings. A role permissions change doesn't change the history of a User. It will still display the elevated history of the previous role because the history isn't role/permissions dependent, it is User dependent.

For Tags, if you choose "Access Only:" then they will have to be given permission to access any newly created Tags. If you choose "Restrict From:" they can automatically see newly created tags outside the restricted Tags/Folders.


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