Customizing User Access to Specific Groups in Breeze

Breeze enables you to finely tune user access, allowing or restricting visibility of certain individuals or groups within your organization. Whether you're aiming to provide users access to specific small groups without revealing others, or need to limit visibility for privacy reasons, this guide walks you through setting up permissions. Discover how to leverage tags to include or exclude people from a user's view, ensuring each user has access only to the information relevant to their role.

(If you're looking to hide a person from everyone's view, such as when someone passes away or is no longer active at your church, see Archive People instead.)

Breeze allows you to control which people a user or users can see by setting the appropriate permissions for their role. You can set this up using the following:

  1. Go to Account Settings (mceclip3.png) > Users & Roles
  2. Click "Roles" on the left side, and click to edit (pencil icon) the role you'd like to modify.
  3. Within the permissions, navigate to "People > Only Access Certain People."
  4. Select the Tags you'd like to be included and/or excluded. Only people within or outside of these Tags will be visible to users with this role.

If you select Only Access Certain People > People Not in Tags > select a specific tag(s) anyone that is in that tag(s) will be restricted from the role you are creating, even if the person appears in other tags that Role has access to.

Let's imagine that Fred Flintstone is in the .Visitor2019 tag and in a Mens Ministry tag. In the example below, if I restrict the .Visitors2019 tag (through the People Not In Tags) this role would not be able to see Fred Flintstone, even though he is in the Mens Ministry tag too. 


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