How to Adjust Automatic Logout Settings for Users in Breeze

In the digital age, church account security is paramount. Breeze provides Account Owners and Admins with the ability to configure automatic logout settings, reducing the risk of unauthorized access on shared or public devices. This guide details how to adjust these settings to bolster the security of your church's data, a vital component of your security protocols.

Adjusting automatic logout settings helps protect sensitive information and maintain the integrity of your church's data. It’s a crucial step in your organization's security protocol, particularly when users access Breeze from various locations or devices.

Steps for Adjusting Automatic Logout Settings:

You must be an Account Owner, or an Admin with the Users and Roles permissions to make these changes. 

  1. Navigate to Account Settings (mceclip3.png) at the top right and select Users & Roles.
  2. Choose Roles from the sidebar and click the edit pencil next to the role you wish to adjust.
  3. In the edit role window, find the Logout Automatically checkbox and select it.
  4. Using the dropdown, select the duration of time before automatic logout:
    When the user closes the browser
    After 30 minutes of inactivity
    After 60 minutes of inactivity
    After 4 hours of inactivity
    After 24 hours of inactivity
    After 1 week of inactivity
  5. Click the Update Role button once complete. This update will apply to all users assigned to that role.

Best Practices:

  • Consider the typical use patterns of your users when setting automatic logout times. For example, during a long event, you might opt for a longer period before logout to prevent disruptions.
  • Regularly review these settings as part of your church’s security policy updates or when there are changes in user behavior or roles.
  • It’s recommended to inform users of any changes to their automatic logout settings to avoid confusion and ensure smooth transitions during their activities.


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