How to Test and Preview New Role Permissions in Breeze

As an Admin of your Breeze account, when you create a new role you may want to see what the user experience will be for a user with these new role permissions. There are two options to test out or preview this new role: 

  1. Create a new user account for yourself and assign the new "User" the "Role" you have just created. You would need to then Log Out of your Admin account in Breeze, and log back in with these new credentials.
    • Make sure you know your User Name and Password for your Admin account to ensure you can get back in.
  2. Give the new "Role" you created temporary access to "Users and Roles" under the permission, and then simply assign yourself this new Role.
    • Once you are done exploring what this Role looks like Navigate to the "Account Settings"(Image_2020-05-07_at_1.31.50_PM.png) on the top right > Select Users and Roles > and assign your user to the Admin Role again. 
    • Don't forget to Edit the Role you created to remove the "Users and Roles" Permission before assigning it to other users! 
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