How to Let Members See Church Calendars in Breeze

You have rolled Breeze out to your members and realize it would be great to allow members to view your church calendars (or a specific calendar in Breeze) when accessing Breeze.

  1. Go to Account Settings (mceclip3.png) > Users & Roles
  2. Click "Roles" on the left side, and click to edit (pencil icon) the role you'd like to modify.
  3. Within the permissions, navigate to "Events > View Events"
  4. Limit what calendars they can see events on by clicking "Only Access Certain Calendars" > "Allow Access To" or "Restrict Access From". 

With the permission of View Events, the user would only be able to see the event on the calendar, view the time of the event, the description, and the location when they click on an event. 

Here is what the Event looks like when clicked on by a user with only access to view events:


You can change the information that appears for your event by Editing Event Settings.

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