Printing Your Events Calendar

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    The list by week view is extremely helpful! We print out "weekly building use calendars" to help direct our visitors and custodians and until now have had to populate said calendar by hand despite using Google Calendar.

    One feature request, if possible... is there a way to add the room that the event is taking place, in the list by week view? It is specified on our Google Calendar (which we have synced to our Breeze Events) but I don't see an option to show the room on the list view.


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    Hey there!  The list view by week does include the room location.  Apologies that the picture above did not reference that correctly, it should look right now. Thank you so much for pointing that out.  Please let us know if you're experiencing anything different when you try to print the list by week view in your own church's database!

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    Thank you so much!  I requested a list view a couple months ago and am delighted to have it.  If it's possible to extend this to a feature whereby I could save the list view as a Word document or .pdf for electronic distribution, that would be great.  For now I'll print and scan.

    Again, many thanks for adding this helpful feature.

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    mmm1802  - I successfully printed the Calendar views as PDF. Choose your view, select Print (fm Settings gear). You should get your printer dialog box.  If Mac/Apple, select PDF>save a s PDF (lower left corner of window) (be sure to change orientation to Landscape, if you want that).  If PC, then I would choose Microsoft Print to PDF as my printer, then follow prompts to save it. See if that works for you...   Carla in MT

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    When will you bring back being able to print in color? I used to be able to print the monthly calendar and the different categories would show up in their color (see photo). Now to get it I have to screen shot each month and print.

    Also, what was taken away with this update is when an event is on the calendar and it is more than one day, the printed calendar only shows the first day and the last day - before it would have the whole chunk blocked off (in the particular color of the category).  The second picture shows "Linda Gone" on Dec 27th and then on the 30th. - what should be showing is her gone from the 27th THROUGH the 30th. (If you look at the first picture it shows what I mean where it says "Kelly Gone").

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    Emily W.

    Hi Jeannen!

    Apologies for this frustration! While printing calendars in color not currently supported, the good news is that we are aware of the issue and we're working on a fix for it. :) 



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    Jon VerLee

    Hi Jeannen,

    Thanks for your patience and good news! This morning we updated the calendar to be able to print in color. It intentionally appears a bit differently than it previously did in order to increase readability.

    Now that the update is in place, if printing multiple calendars at once, you'll see colors differentiating which calendar is being printed.

    If however, you're just printing one calendar, we hide the color indicators as they won't be differentiating anything.

    It should look something like this:

    Thanks again for your feedback and patience! :)

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