Printing Your Events Calendar

Printing from Breeze is easy!  

Breeze will automatically reformat your browser page to make documents fit well without the extra menus.

  1. Click on "Events"
  2. Choose the calendar view that you'd like to print: Month, Week, Day, or List by Month, Week, or Day. (Printing a year at a time is not currently available.) 
  3. Click the gear icon next to "Add Event" in the top right corner
  4. Click "Print" from the dropdown list


Here are some examples of what each calendar will look like as well as the Breeze-Best-Practice tips and tricks! 

Monthly View

Tips and Tricks:

  • Print in landscape for the best results and larger fonts.
  • The event name will get cut off after a certain number of characters.  That number can vary depending on the start time of the event (for example, if the event start time is 10:30a it will take up more space on the line than an event that starts at 7p or an event that does not have a time associated with it). 
    • The event name will display roughly 30 characters for an event without a time

    • And roughly 22-27 characters for an event with a start time. 


  • If you have too many events on your calendar to the point where the month-view will print on multiple pages, it will automatically format to bring an entire week to the next page rather than cut the week off
  • If you would like more details of each event such as location or end time, try printing a different view! 
  • If your events are taking up too much space, and the default 22-27 characters are still not enough, you can go to More Settings, and change the scale of the document, and it will shrink your calendar accordingly allowing more of your event names to show up.

Weekly View

Day View

List View - By Month

List View - By Week

List View - By Day


Looking for some more advanced features for calendar printing? Try Syncing Breeze Calendars With External Calendars for some additional features in Gcal such as custom date ranges, font adjustments, color changes, etc.

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  • Hi,


    Can you add a "list" feature that includes all of the events during either a specified period of time or for an entire calendar year?  We don't have enough events where we have a ton of events each month, but still want people to see the list of events.


    Thank you


  • Hey @davidwelliver!

    Thanks for reaching out!

    That's a neat idea! I'll share your idea with the team here. We appreciate your input. I should also mention that due to the number of ideas we get from our subscribers, we're not able to provide further updates about the status of your submission here. I recommend subscribing to our blog to stay updated on future feature releases!


  • Is there a way to print two months at a time? E.G. May and June on the same piece of paper?

  • @KevinS,

    Thanks for the question! Unfortunately, this isn't possible because it would require being able to see more than 1month at a time and that functionality is currently a Limitation of Breeze. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause! 



  • This comment is in reference to the screen calendar appearance. I find the calendar font (too small) and colors (white on pastels) difficult to read. Is there a way to change these to make it easier to read?

    Thank you.

  • @office

    Hello! Unfortunately, this is currently a limitation of Breeze. Color Layouts for the Calendar and Breeze Layout cannot be customized at this time. There have been several requests for this and it would be beneficial to add your voice to the chorus as a future feature request. Submitting Feature Requests



  • We would like to print out a monthly church calendar with our Church branding or with different themes through out the year (Easter, Christmas, etc).  Is it possible to copy and past the Breeze calendar to another calendar format or a Word Doc?

  • Hey @savinggracecommunication!

    Thanks for reaching out. This is a neat idea. Unfortunately, there's not a breezy way to do this yet. The only way to copy to another calendar format would be to share it with a calendar like Google. While not ideal, I hope this information is helpful: Putting the Breeze Calendar on a Website or Sharing With Google


  • When I print the calendar: bullets are showing up before the even limiting the characters printed to about 10 (or less!) which is not enough to be helpful. How do I eliminate the bullets from a printed calendar, but still keep the time on the event? 

  • Hi Chris,

    This is a great question, but I think can be better answered on the support side of things. Be on the lookout for an email from me shortly! :)

  • Is there a way to print a list of events in a specific location only, like events in Room A from Jan 1-Jan 31?

  • @office

    Great question!  Unfortunately, there is not a way to print a list by or sort by a specific location.  However, if you view the calendar in List View, that will show you the locations of each of the events.  You could then print that screen to see all of the events and their locations within a certain time frame (i.e. month, week, day).