Using Multiple Calendars

Setting up multiple calendars allow you to place different events on different calendars. You can choose to show or hide certain calendars, give users permission to only access specific calendars, and even select which calendars should show up on your website.

Common Uses

  • Giving users access to check people into only the events they should have access to and restricting them from seeing other events.
  • Allowing volunteer coordinators to create volunteer-specific events on their own calendar without cluttering up the other calendars.
  • Selecting which calendars should show up on your church’s website (effectively creating public and private calendars).
  • Creating calendars dedicated to sensitive information (such as care team schedules) and restrict others from viewing the calendar.

Add a Calendar

  1. Select the "Events" tab from the top left.
  2. Click "Add Event."
  3. Select "Add a New Calendar"
  4. Name your calendar and select a calendar color.
  5. Finish by clicking "Add."

If your calendars have been added to and are visible on your website, and a new calendar is added to your Breeze account, it may be visible on your website as well. We recommend viewing and updating the embed code to include only the calendars that you wish to see on your website each time that you add a new calendar to your Breeze account to ensure that only the calendars that you want to be visible on your website are visible.


Rename a Calendar

  1. Go to "Events"
  2. On the left-hand side of your screen, you'll see "Calendars," where all of your calendars should be listed.
  3. Click the pencil icon to the right of the calendar you wish to rename.1
  4. Rename the calendar and click "Save."


Delete a Calendar

  1. Go to "Events."
  2. On the left-hand side of your screen, you'll see "Calendars," where all of your calendars should be listed.
  3. Click the "x" icon to the right of the calendar you wish to remove.2 
1 You cannot rename or change the default color of the main calendar
2 Deleting a calendar will delete all events on that calendar. If you'd like to retain these events, we recommend moving them to an alternate calendar prior to deleting the calendar in question. The main calendar cannot be deleted.


Calendar Views

If you're using multiple calendars and you don't necessarily want all of the calendars visible to you, you can turn off their visibility.

Navigate to the Events tab, click on the colored dots on the left-hand side of the screen and toggle on or off any calendars.  If the bubble has a checkmark then the calendar is visible.  If the box is unchecked then it's toggled off.

If your calendars are embedded on your website and then you toggle off a calendar on your Breeze account, that calendar will still be seen on your website. In order to remove a calendar from your website, the embed code will need to be updated to ensure that only the calendars that you want to be seen on your website are included in the embed code. 



Make a Calendar Private to Certain Roles

There may be times that you want to make a calendar private from certain roles. Perhaps you have a staff calendar that you use to record vacation days, this is probably something you do not want all members having access to. You can give permission to, or restrict access from calendars in the Users and Roles! 

  1. From the Dashboard, go to the "Account Settings"(Image_2020-05-07_at_1.31.50_PM.png) > "Users and Roles" > "Roles"
  2. Add a New Role by clicking the "Add New Role" button or Edit an existing role by clicking the pencil icon to the right of the Role Name.
  3. Now click the disclosure triangle to the right of "Events" > click the disclosure triangle to the right of "Only Access Certain Calendars", and now either choose either "Allow Access" or "Restrict Access" from certain calendars. (You only need to do one or the other. If you restrict access from certain calendars, any new calendars by default will be viewable to this Role. If you allow access to certain calendars, any new calendar will by default not be visible.)
  4. Finally, Click Update Role



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  • Can a single event be added to more than one calendar? For example a training that is for both nursery staff and deacons. Is there a way that I can set up the event so that it is visible on both our nursery calendar and our deacon calendar? 


  • @elisa

    Great question! A single event cannot be added to more than one event Calendar and the same time. You would need to create a separate event for the other calendar as well. 

    I hope this helps!


  • This is a super important question!  There are many events that you will have on your main (internal working) calendar and need some of the same events on a Public calendar.  There should be an option to add it to both calendars.  Right now it takes double the work to add to both, and when adding to the second calendar it gives you a warning because you are double booking the space.  Is there a better option for this???

  • Is it possible to have separate calendars or subcategories within calendars? For instance - it is helpful for us to have a Staff calendar that shows individual schedules along with important staff related events. Right now, "staff" in our calendar is coded navy blue but what we really want is for each staff member to have their own coded color. That would require a separate calendar from our more inclusive full-church calendar or the ability to sub-categorize within our current staff calendar. 

  • Hey @office!

    Thanks for your feedback and question about using Multiple Calendars.. That's a neat idea! At this time this is not a current feature inside the calendar function. However, while there are not subcategories, you could allow each staff member to have their own calendar just like you have set up Staff calendars. We'd love to hear more about this idea though, if you'd like to submit a feature request. You can do so at:

    Happy Breezing! 

  • I'm having problems removing a holiday calendar that I downloaded from google. I wanted to easily add holidays but there are way too many. I can't seem to delete the ones I don't need. So I tried to delete the entire calendar and they still show. Please give me any advice. 

  • Hey @lindak!

    Thank you for reaching out! I am very sorry to hear that you are having issues removing certain holidays from the holiday calendar you downloaded from Google! I would love to help with this!

    As it turns out, when you bring an external calendar into Breeze, it comes in as read-only. Read-only means that the calendar will not allow for edits on the Breeze-end, and will not work for volunteers or check-in purposes. It is simply a way to keep all events together on one calendar. If you want to remove all the holidays, you will need to delete this calendar (mentioned above), re-edit it in Google, and then re-integrate it within Breeze. I apologize for this, as I know this is inconvenient. :(

    Now I see that you mention you tried deleting the calendar, and they were still showing! That is definitely not ideal, and I'm sure that is frustrating! I would be frustrated with that also if I were you. :( It is important to note that you may have to scroll down on the dropdown calendar menu to get to "Edit Calendar," so you can fully delete the holiday calendar! I made a short animation showing you how to do this!: 

    Here is a great article that speaks more about calendar integrations!: Syncing Breeze Calendars With External Calendars 

    I hope helps! Please let me know if you have any other questions, or if this does not fix this issue! I am here to serve! Have a wonderful day! :) 


  • Recognizing that each member can adjust which calendars are visible to them, is there a way to adjust which ones will show up by default? 

  • Hi @executiveassistant,

    The best place to ensure your members have access to see or not see a calendar is by adjusting that in their Role.

    Outside of this, there unfortunately isn't a way to narrow down further which calendar appears as visible and which as invisible. I apologize if that causes a bit of a headache.

    I hope that's helpful in clearing things up! If you have more questions, feel free to reach out at and we can troubleshoot even further!

  • HI Breeze,

    Is there any way we can rename the Main calendar? We'd like to use it for Holidays - and put in the ones that are important for us, but "Main" as a name just doesn't do it. 



  • Hi @molson2043! At the moment, there is not a way to edit the Main calendar (name or color.) Thankfully, you can add as many calendars as you'd like and they will present in alphabetical order in the left-hand pane of your calendar. 

    Our team would love to hear more about your idea! I would recommend Submitting a Feature Request here.


  • Hi!

    Can a calendar made from Breeze be uploaded to a church website to display events? If so, will it automatically be updated on the website, as I update it from Breeze? 

  • kmitchell,

    Yes! We have a main calendar in Breeze that our Breeze users in the congregation see when they log into Breeze. We have another calendar that is linked to our website. There's a bit of code that you have to copy from Breeze onto your website to make it sync, but once that is done the website calendar will be updated after you make changes to the calendar in Breeze that you linked to the website. I think this is the article you're looking for:

  • @office 

    Thanks for helping @kmitchell with that answer!  Great work!

    If there is any extra assistance you need as you do this @kmitchell , you can reach out to us at

    Have a blessed day both of you!

  • Hi, we use multiple calendars. We want to allow a Role (like Caring Coordinator) to view but not be allowed to add/edit events to some calendars (like Main) while allowing them to add/edit events to other calendars (like Caring Team). How can we do this? Thank you. 

  • @johnappleton1

    I would love to help you with the Role that you are trying to setup.

    As it turns out, you cannot have a Role with access to Calendar A set as view only but Calendar B set as full editing permissions.  Instead, whatever permissions you grant will be applied to all calendars that you have given the user access to.

    The only way to change the permissions based on the calendar would be to create separate Roles and separate users.  In other words, Role A could only view certain calendars, and Role B could edit other calendars.

    Hope that helps!  If you have any other questions on this, please reach out to us at