Limit Event Sign Ups Using Forms

If you're seeking to manage event signups within Breeze and want to cap the number of total entries on your form, you're in the right place. While Breeze doesn't currently offer the capability to limit signups per individual dropdown option, it does allow for the setting of a maximum number of submissions for the entire form. This can help you control the overall participant count and maintain order in event management. Here's how to modify your form settings to implement an entry limit and other form adjustments for a seamless administration experience.

How to Set Max Entries on a Form

  1. Navigate to Forms.
  2. Select the pencil icon on the far right of the form you'd like to edit.
  3. Click the Go to Settings link in the bottom left.
  4. Select Show More Options.
  5. Enter the amount of Max EntriesĀ you would like to allow.
  6. Make any other edits and click Save Form.
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