How to Add a Volunteer Role to an Event That Already Exists

Are you looking to fine-tune the volunteer roles for an already scheduled event in Breeze? Whether it's a recurring Sunday service or any future event, our guide makes it simple to add or adjust the roles your volunteers play. Discover the seamless process for managing your event's volunteer structure to better suit your evolving needs. This article will detail the steps for augmenting and editing roles within your event setup, ensuring each volunteer's contribution is effectively organized and accounted for.


Updating Volunteer Roles for Events

  1. Select Events.
  2. Select the event you would like to edit. 
  3. Select Volunteers.
  4. Select the Volunteer Count Numbers next to the volunteer role name.
  5. Select Modify from the top blurb. 
  6. Make necessary edits or select Add new role or select to Add a new team.
  7. Select Save Changes.
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