Have you noticed your Events Calendar is not loading as quickly as expected?

"Experiencing sluggish loading times with your Events Calendar? Learn how to troubleshoot and optimize its performance efficiently with our comprehensive guide. Explore step-by-step solutions to enhance loading speed and ensure seamless functionality, empowering you to maximize productivity and engagement."


Having trouble with your event calendar loading? Here are some recommendations to speed up load times.

  • If you're adding multiple recurring events to your Breeze calendar, consider having the end date be the end of your calendar year. This can easily be extended out in the future as needed. For events that end on "Never", this really means that this event will end about 30 years after the initial start date of the event. Breeze tries to load all of that event history upon load, which could be contributing to slow calendar speeds.
  • For events that meet on the same time but need different check in pages, consider combining these events and making them tag-eligible. You can then filter down by this tagged group of people at the Check in page and have separate reporting broken down by tag, all while hosting this under the same event series. (ex. Nursery, Preschool, Elementary rooms). 
  • Only have the calendars checked that need to be viewed frequently. Unchecking calendars that don't need to be viewed often can reduce load time. 
  • Hide calendars from users' views by unchecking specific calendars from their role. This way their permissions won't attempt to load calendars not needing to be viewed by their user, reducing load time. 
  • Condense calendars that don't need to be separated. The amount of calendars you have plays a large role in your load time as well. 

Check out the Using Multiple Calendars and Deleting an Event  guides for a detailed walk through on how to complete the suggestions listed above. 

NOTE: If you unintentionally delete an event, restores can be done for up to 30 days.  See our section on recovering deleted data for more information.




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