Managing Event Registrations for Your Church

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    Will Breeze "suggest" to connect people who are Archived?

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    I entered someone as "Guest LastName" because someone else paid for their guest to attend an event, but didn't give me the name of the guest. This Guest does not show up on the check-in list because they are not linked to anyone in the system (I assume that's why - they show up in forms received).... but they are paid for. Is there a way of having them show up in the check-in list (short of adding a person that shouldn't be in the database into the database)? Thanks!

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    Hey Gay - You will get a suggestion that that person might be listed under archived.  We also recently rolled out an update that will allow you to restore (unarchive) that person directly from the connect window when it believes the person is archived. 

    Hey Kimberlilley - The only way to have them show up in the list would be to connect them to someone in the database or create a profile for them.  You can always archive them right after your event is over! 

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    I like that the forms automatically make suggestions when a new contact has filled an event registration. Unfortunately, it does not automatically link everything that we would want. For example, our form has a place to respond for allergies and medical conditions.  We also have this field in the user profile, but the automatic suggestions fail to link these fields. This results in lots of caparisons between form entries and user profiles to ensure that we have all of the information that we need. We include these allergies on children's name tags to ensure that workers are aware.

    Our work around has been to not link any of the profiles in forms and download a spreadsheet of all form entries. We then use the bulk import option and copy the appropriate fields into the template. This works great for those who preregister and then we use the check-in add a person option for last minute registrations.  

    Am I missing an option to make this easier? It would be great if during form creation there were two tabs at the top, one was a generic fields tab for items that do not need to be linked to a profile and another tab for profile fields. If you use the profile fields, you could be confident that it will update the person when linked.

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    Hey John - the names need to match exactly in order for them to connect.  Let's say on your Profile Field you have a text field for "allergies", but on your form, you created a text field and said "Do you have any allergies?".  Those two names don't match up and therefore the system can't automatically connect them together. 

    If you are set on wanting to phrase it as "Do you have any allergies?" then our recommendation is to temporarily change the profile field to match the form field name and then connect your profiles.  

    If you'd like to walk through this further please feel free to Contact our Support Team and we'd be happy to give you some further suggestions. 

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    Is it possible to have one form feed into two events. We would like to have a form for registering children for Sunday School. One of the fields would be whether the child will normally attend at 9:00 or 11:00. Will that be possible?

    Also, would each class be its own event series?

    And how would we handle attendance if a child who normally attends at 9:00 shows up at 11:00 occasionally.

    How do you handle occassional exceptions to the normal schedule. For example if church is closed on a particular Sunday, or if on certain Sundays the two classes are merged into one 10:00 class.

    Thank you for your support!


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    Hey there - Great questions!

    Our current best practice is to have two separate forms that feed into two different event series. In essence, have a registration form for 9:00 Sunday School that registers children for the 9:00 Sunday School event series, and another form and event series for 11:00. This will help by allowing you to easily view the form responses for each one and by making it easier to view attendance data. It also allows you to set up event check-in eligibility based on form responses, if that is the route you are wanting to take. 

    When a child who typically attends 9:00 shows up at 11:00, I'd recommend using the + icon at the top right of the check-in screen to add them in. This way, you'll have their attendance in both events and can see that they did not miss that Sunday. 

    You can edit your events to account for exceptions to the normal schedule. If a Sunday is cancelled, you can go into the Event Settings and delete that single instance of the event without deleting the entire series. If both classes are merged, you can delete a single instance of one and edit the time of the other. Changing the time will only apply to that one event and will not change the entire series!

    If you'd like to walk through this further please feel free to Contact our Support Team and we'd be happy to give you some further suggestions! 

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    What have you found to be the best way to categorize people who are only attending one particular ministry event, or ministry program? Maybe a boy participates weekly in a boys club, but nothing else. Maybe it was a youth drop in event, etc In terms of membership status, they do not actually have one... they are neither a visitor (not involved on Sunday's) or a guest (which seems to be an infrequent person). We don't like the "not assigned" idea either, since they do have a very meaningful connection to our church.  Love to hear ideas.

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    We use "attender" as one of our status designations.  We change the status from guest to attender when they take a further step of involvement like joining a small group or we know that they have been coming regularly for 3 months in a row.  Then when they take the membership class and officially become members they get the member status.  

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    We are using a "Ministry Serving Form" where people can submit interest in serving in various areas at any time; so, this is a form that will remain "open" for the foreseeable future.  But I don't want it to get bogged down with tons of entries (trying to think optimistically here!).  Once we've viewed a submitted form and linked it to the person's profile, does it have to just sit there in the forms section?  If I click the little "x" to the right of the entry, that will remove the form from that person's profile, right (as if they had never submitted the form)?  

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    Is there a way to give users permission to submit forms via their login or App?  I only see admin features for forms under role permissions

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    Emily W.

    Hi there! 

    Unfortunately, no. Best solution is for you to share the form via a link provided or embed the form on your website for them to access and fill it out that way. Here is some more information on sharing forms:Sharing a Form

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