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    I need to edit one event in a series. For instance, we have our weekly evening prayer session scheduled. We want to change one of the events to say "Fall Fest Prayer & Prep" and leave all events before and after to say "Evening Prayer Service". I've tried a couple of ideas but keep changing the whole series or all remaining dates. Is there a way to edit one event in a series rather than deleting one event and creating a special one-time event?

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    Emily W.

    Hi Jimmy!

    I totally understand the need to be able to edit one event in a series, we ran into this very thing as well. I wish I had a better solution for you, but at this time, there is not a way to edit one event within in a series. Because they are tied in a series, any changes will affect the rest of the dates/days. I know it is not ideal, but if you are wanting to have an event called "Fall Fest Prayer & Prep" then a new event will need to be created.

    Please let us know if you have any additional questions.We here at Breeze are cheering you on! Keep up the great work! :) 

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    Please consider this update as you evaluate.  Being able to delete or change one day in a series is really important.  For example  Praise Team practices every Tues all year except for Christmas Day this year.  It is too time consuming to drop this from the calendar and then have to recreate the series....  This applies for a lot of long term recurring events--groups meet most of the year but not in the summer for example...should be able to delete specific dates that they are not meeting without deleting all future dates.....Thanks!

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    It would be great if editing an event in a series had the same options as deleting an event in a series - which allows you to delete all or one or future. This to me would seem the easiest - but I freely admit programming is not my area. ;-)

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    Hey @tina,

    You are able to delete just one event in a series!

    When you click "delete event" in the event setting you'll be promoted with this popup:

    If you choose "Delete Event" it will only delete that occurrence without affecting the rest of the series.

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    +1 for being able to edit one item in a series

    Examples I run into:


    Tuesday night meditation is canceled. I'd like to modify just this Tuesday's title to "Meditation - Canceled." Instead, I have to delete Tuesday's event and re-create it

    Much more of a hassle:

    We're having Sunday worship in the Fellowship hall this week. I need to change the location, but I can't, so I write down a list of everything I have for that event, including the volunteers already signed up, delete the event for that Sunday, create a new one in the Fellowship hall, and add back in all my information, including volunteers.

    I of course don't know what your underlying code looks like, but I would imagine something like this could work:

    Change Settings:
    Entire Series? (continue as this has worked before)

    Just this event? (metacode below)

    Are you sure? Editing this event will take this event out of the event series; you will not be able to make it part of the series again.

    (yes - continue)

    Save the event (object?) to temporary storage (kind of an export)

    Delete the event from the series (as we are able to do now)

    Create a new single event with the information from temporary storage

    Present this single event to the user for editing..

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    Agree--being able to copy an event with all its settings (volunteer roles, email reminders etc) is so important.  My new work around was to go to the previous event and change the date and then delete all the volunteers who had signed up for the previous date. Saved the time of recreating all the roles and emails but lost all historic data of volunteers and the date of the  previous event itself. (used old stubby pencil method of recording data) Thankful that I can delete one event in a series but am looking forward to the awesome Breeze developers upgrading this calendar function!


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    Is there a report of location usage?  Something to give to Facilities that day so they know which rooms to open?

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    Hey Nancy - great question!  

    If you use "List View" with month, week, or day, you'll get an at-a-glance view of the events and the rooms that the events will be held in.  This list can be printed, saved as a pdf, or used straight from Breeze to get an idea of what rooms will be used for different events. 

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