Deleting an Event

There may be times that you need to delete an event, perhaps a Sunday service was canceled and you do not want it show in your attendance records. Or maybe an event series is going to be ending a few weeks early. You can do this!

  1. Select the "Events" tab from the top right.
  2. Click the event you'd like to delete.
  3. Click "edit event settings" in the lower-left corner.
  4. Click "Delete Event" from the bottom right.

If deleting a recurring event, you will be asked if you want to delete the current event only, all future events, or all events.

If you unintentionally delete an event, restores can be done for up to 30 days.  See our section on recovering deleted data for more information.
Choose Delete Event if you are wanting to delete one single event from an event series. (It will delete the specific event that you are in). 
Choose Delete Series if you want to Delete all the events in this series (It will delete past, present, and future events in this series). 
Choose Delete Future if you want to Delete the event you are in and all future events in this series. 
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  • How do we delete all events from the calendar?

  • @robtmunson

    Great question! Fortunately, our team was able to find a way to do this for you within our Delete area!! Here's short screenshot -- 

    Please let us know if this was helpful!

  • Is there anyway or chance that you might add the function for deleting an event - that you can select a range of dates to delete?  Example- like weekly worship, meetings or choir practices, etc.  that we've set up with no ending date - where for example we could select to delete the choir practice for the months of June, July and August only.  Otherwise- we've had to  either delete from the 1st date of no meeting on and then go reset it back up or go to 12 different events and delete them individually.  

  • Hey @MarcyScribner,

    I think that's a great idea... and so sorry about the headache of having to delete all those events one at a time. I can see how a date range would really speed things up.

    Personally, I'd recommend leaving us a Feature Request. This is the best way for our Product Team to get eyes on your idea and know how we can serve churches better in the future! 

    Hope that helps! 


  • Is there a way to recover an event that got deleted by mistake?

  • Hey @markhanna18! There is! You'll want to follow the instructions for recovering deleted data within the Account Settings: 

    Hope that helps!

  • If I delete an event moving forward, does the attendance data remain intact? 

  • Hey @Terri!

    This is definitely an important thing to know, and I'm glad you asked! :) 

    Yes, the attendance data will remain in-tact for your previous events as long as you delete all future events on an event that hasn't occurred yet!

    For instance, if you have an event that recurs every Sunday, you will not want to use the "Delete Future Event" option on the event that occurred this past Sunday (June 20) because that will delete the attendance data for June 20th. Instead, you will want to navigate to a day where the event hasn't occurred yet (i.e. June 27), and use the "Delete Future Event" option on that event. This will ensure that all of your previous attendance data isn't deleted!

    I hope this helps!

  • Thanks, Cam! 


  • Hey @Terri! 

    You're welcome! Have a great day! :) 

  • You must have changed your website design since this article was written.  I'm a new Breeze user and I do not see any button to delete an event.  I accidentally entered the same event twice on a calendar and see no way to delete the event I mis-entered.  I know I'll make a similar mistake again and I'd like to know how to delete events that I enter by accident or that get cancelled.  

  • Hi @mmartzke!

    Thanks for reaching out! If you do not see the delete option, this is more than likely due to a permission setting that will need to be enabled. 

    You can reach out to your church admin to enable this or if you are the admin on the account, please reach out to us at with your account information and user information and we can walk you through the steps to enable this permission.

    Happy Breezing,