Creating an Event

  1. Select the "Events" tab from the top right.
  2. Click "Add Event" or click an empty space on the date you'd like the event added.
  3. Fill out the event information and click "Save Event." 

(This video purposely has no sound.)

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  • Hoping that Event Duplication is in the works. I'm sure most congregations have a series of two or three events with the same information, but on different (and random) dates. Manually creating three events takes SO much longer on Breeze compared to when we used Google Calendar and were able to easily duplicate events and edit one or two details.

  • Adding my voice to please add a way to duplicate an event.  Remembering details and recreating takes time.  I do like the new calendar version that just came out.  It's a lot easier to navigate.  

  • @Stephen Ivey 

    Got it; thanks for your reply. 

  • Quick question: Is there a way of duplicating an event? 

    I have a committee that meets monthly on the first Weds; the setup was straightforward. But occasionally the meeting shifts to another day. I know how to delete a single occurrence. What would be better is moving a single occurrence to a different day or time, or create a duplicate.   

  • @officeadmin

    Great observation here! I do believe that this feature will be available at some point in the future but it's hard to say exactly when. Thank you for your feedback here. If you would like to submit a feature request to add your voice to the choir of those who have already asked for it, please feel free to do so by clicking this link:Submitting Feature Requests


  • @barb

    I really appreciate the feedback about the Beta Events that recently came out. I did want to let you know that within this Beta, you can customize your event to make it recurring to your desire. Within that customization, for simple daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly repeating event, choose the applicable option from the "Repeats" dropdown. However, for more custom repeating options, choose "Custom."


  • @jnelson

    Thanks for reaching out to the Forum! 

    Great question! However, this is a Limitation of Breeze as there is no way to Duplicate an Event. You would simply need to Create another event. If you would like to Move and Event, simply drag and drop it to the date of your choice!


    I hope this helps!