Creating an Event

  1. Select the "Events" tab from the top right.
  2. Click "Add Event" or click an empty space on the date you'd like the event added.
  3. Fill out the event information and click "Save Event." 

(This video purposely has no sound.)

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  • Quick question: Is there a way of duplicating an event? 

    I have a committee that meets monthly on the first Weds; the setup was straightforward. But occasionally the meeting shifts to another day. I know how to delete a single occurrence. What would be better is moving a single occurrence to a different day or time, or create a duplicate.   

  • @jnelson

    Thanks for reaching out to the Forum! 

    Great question! However, this is a Limitation of Breeze as there is no way to Duplicate an Event. You would simply need to Create another event. If you would like to Move and Event, simply drag and drop it to the date of your choice!


    I hope this helps!

  • @Stephen Ivey 

    Got it; thanks for your reply. 

  • Hoping that Event Duplication is in the works. I'm sure most congregations have a series of two or three events with the same information, but on different (and random) dates. Manually creating three events takes SO much longer on Breeze compared to when we used Google Calendar and were able to easily duplicate events and edit one or two details.

  • @officeadmin

    Great observation here! I do believe that this feature will be available at some point in the future but it's hard to say exactly when. Thank you for your feedback here. If you would like to submit a feature request to add your voice to the choir of those who have already asked for it, please feel free to do so by clicking this link:Submitting Feature Requests


  • Adding my voice to please add a way to duplicate an event.  Remembering details and recreating takes time.  I do like the new calendar version that just came out.  It's a lot easier to navigate.  

  • @barb

    I really appreciate the feedback about the Beta Events that recently came out. I did want to let you know that within this Beta, you can customize your event to make it recurring to your desire. Within that customization, for simple daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly repeating event, choose the applicable option from the "Repeats" dropdown. However, for more custom repeating options, choose "Custom."


  • Helpful article. But, there is no "add event" button on my screen. Any ideas what I need to do to remedy that?

  • Hey @cdeevers!

    Excellent question! I apologize that there is no "Add Event" showing up on your screen! :( As it turns out, it sounds like you may not have the permission enabled under your role to add events. Fortunately, an admin should be able to enable this permission for you by following these steps:

    1. Go to Account Settings (The gear icon in the top right)
    2. Choose "Users & Roles"
    3. Click "Roles" on the left.
    4. Click the pencil icon to the right of the role you'd like to modify.
    5. Click the triangle next to "Events," click the box next to "Add Events" and click "Update Role."


    I hope this is helpful to you!
  • Hi there, is there a way to create checkpoints, permissions, or approval when someone creates an event? Ex: a women's ministry leader wants to create an event for a certain weekend but as the calendar admin I can see that there are already multiple events that weekend that would clash with that event. Are there permissions where the event would have to be approved prior to being added automatically to the calendar?


    Thanks for your assistance. 

  • Hello @sabrummel88! 

    I appreciate you asking if there is a way to create a way where adding an event would need to be approved before being added to the calendar! That is a great question and a neat feature idea! 

    We are not quite there yet in terms of our features, but I do see how that feature could be beneficial. I know our product team would love to hear your feedback on this one, and if you would like, you can submit a feature request here. 

    In the meantime, you can limit the ability for your leaders to add events completely, but I can understand if that does not quite meet your needs. You can learn more about editing roles here

    I'm sorry we do not quite have what you are looking for today with that feature but I hope that with your feedback we can improve! 

    Happy Breezing! 

  • I have been trying to add an event (and I've done this for years, so I know how to do it), but today, no matter what I do, it comes up saying, "Something went wrong:  Invalid Permission."  I'm the administrator, so I should have the right permissions.  I'm confused! Please help!


  • @office

    What is most likely happening here is that your role has the same calendar selected in "Allow Access To" and "Restrict Access From" in the role permissions under Events. Here is an image of what this may look like:
    Recently, we cleaned up a bit of programming that was occurring in our Role permissions which was allowing a person to add events to a calendar they did not have access to. This clean up on our end is now the reason that this error is appearing when you try to add an event to the calendar. Thankfully, this fix is rather easy. To fix this error, all that is needed is to Edit the Role permissions and remove the Calendar from the "Restrict Access From" section in Events.
  • I am entering events for an entire month at one time and am noticing that once the event is added and it goes back to the calendar screen, it has reverted back to the current month.  Since I am working on September right now (not June), is there a way to revert to the same month after adding or revising an event? 

    Thank you!  Right now I am only having to scroll ahead 3 months but this could be a pain if I am working on something next year! 

  • @japple

    Great question about being able to hold your place on the calendar as you add Events!  As it turns out, once an Event is added, the Calendar is going to refresh to current day.  Unfortunately, there isn't a setting to change that.  You will need to scroll back to the month that you want to work in after each save.

    I'm sorry I don't have a quicker solution for you at this time.

  • Is it possible when you click checkin for an event that only you and your family are visible to check in?  Basically , based on the login can you limit what is seen in the list of people available to check in so that someone cannot check someone else in who is not in their family? - thanks

  • Hey @jesseunderwood!

    This is an excellent question and I totally understand how useful this would be!

    At this time, there currently isn't a permission to enable that will allow for a family to only see their names when checking in. I sincerely apologize for this!

    While this is the case, you can get really close to this setup by using the "Kiosk" mode on the check-in screen! "Kiosk" mode allows people to check-in by searching by their phone number or by scanning a barcode. This is the recommended mode when the check-in station will be viewed publically and you do not want people to see names outside their own family. :) 

    You can learn more about enabling this check-in mode in these resources:

    Selecting Check In Modes

    Editing Event Settings

    I hope this helps!