Accepting Payments on Forms

Users are able to create forms to accept payments. By default, forms use Breeze's built-in payments platform which requires no setup beforehand.1

To accept payments

  1. Navigate to "More > Forms."
  2. Click to "Create New Form."
  3. Select "Registration" as the type of form you want to create.
  4. Click the "Payment" field to modify the amount.1
  5. If you'd like to modify which fund the form payment should go into or which processor is used2, click "Go to Settings" in the bottom left and then "Show More Options."
  6. Make your changes and click "Update Form."
  7. Form payments will be batched together by form. To see the form payments head to More > Contributions > Batches.

1The amount can be:

a. a numeric amount such as $10
b. a blank which will then prompt the user to enter an amount
c. 0 which will bypass the payment section altogether (helpful if including multiple payment options and one should be "Pay Later")

2 Payments through forms can be processed by Breeze, PayPal, or Stripe

Note: If utilizing PayPal, when a form is submitted, it will take the submitter to a PayPal page for payment. Once that PayPal form has been submitted, PayPal routes them back to a blank form. It can cause confusion for people, so we recommend adding a section description right above the payment section explaining that this is expected behavior.

Here is an example of the different payment options:


Here is what those payment options look like from the view of the form: 


It is important to note that only the total amount should be entered into the about section. Any additional information outside of the payment amount could result in a "breaking" of the form payment. The way to know a payment option is broken is when the Form simply says "Submit" when a payment is selected. This is NOT correct. When a payment has been selected, you should see the button say "Submit & Pay xxxx". This is a clear indication that the payment button is working properly!

In order to use Breeze payments on forms, you will first need to have enabled transfers.  Online Giving fees are the same in Form payments: 2.9% + $0.30/transaction for all Credit/Debit Card payments. Breeze Forms cannot accept ACH payments.

Additional Information

  • Fund Settings - If your Form is being used for Payments (in exchange for goods or services), then these would be considered Non-Tax Deductible Contributions. If you haven't already, you will want to make sure that you have created a Non-Tax Deductible Fund to assign to your Form so that Breeze can report them accurately. (More > Contributions > Funds > Create New Fund) ** Make sure that the Checkbox is UNCHECKED. **  Breeze does not include Non-Tax Deductible payments on Contribution Statements by Default, however, you can customize your Statement to include that information if desired. mceclip1.png
  • Add the Transaction Fees to your Total Price - Of course, every Online Transaction has Fees attached to it. Forms can only accept Credit/Debit Cards which have a Fee of 2.9% + .30 per Transaction. The suggestion would be to add this fee to your Total so that you receive the full amount of your payment. You can use the Payment Title or a Section Description to alert the customer that their Payment includes the Transaction Fee. 
  • Send a payment confirmation back to the donor - those that are paying through a form will not automatically receive a confirmation of payment, as is expected with Web / Text giving. By Editing the Form Settings, you can use the mail merge options for [ENTRY_DETAILS] in the confirmation email & page to let donors know how much they paid through that form. 

Note: Online giving needs to be enabled first. If you have not enabled online giving and completed verification you may receive the following error message:

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