Accepting Payments on Forms

Users are able to create forms to accept payments. By default, forms use Breeze's built-in payments platform which requires no setup beforehand.1

To accept payments

  1. Navigate to "More > Forms."
  2. Click to "Create New Form."
  3. Select "Registration" as the type of form you want to create.
  4. Click the "Payment" field to modify the amount.1
  5. If you'd like to modify which fund the form payment should go into or which processor is used2, click "Go to Settings" in the bottom left and then "Show More Options."
  6. Make your changes and click "Update Form."
  7. Form payments will be batched together by form. To see the form payments head to More > Contributions > Batches.

1The amount can be:

a. a numeric amount such as $10
b. a blank which will then prompt the user to enter an amount
c. 0 which will bypass the payment section altogether (helpful if including multiple payment options and one should be "Pay Later")

2 Payments through forms can be processed by Breeze, PayPal, or Stripe

Note: If utilizing PayPal, when a form is submitted, it will take the submitter to a PayPal page for payment. Once that PayPal form has been submitted, PayPal routes them back to a blank form. It can cause confusion for people, so we recommend adding a section description right above the payment section explaining that this is expected behavior.

Here is an example of the different payment options:


Here is what those payment options look like from the view of the form: 


It is important to note that only the total amount should be entered into the about section. Any additional information outside of the payment amount could result in a "breaking" of the form payment. The way to know a payment option is broken is when the Form simply says "Submit" when a payment is selected. This is NOT correct. When a payment has been selected, you should see the button say "Submit & Pay xxxx". This is a clear indication that the payment button is working properly!

In order to use Breeze payments on forms, you will first need to have enabled transfers.  Online Giving fees are the same in Form payments: 2.9% + $0.30/transaction for all Credit/Debit Card payments. Breeze Forms cannot accept ACH payments.

Additional Information

  • Fund Settings - If your Form is being used for Payments (in exchange for goods or services), then these would be considered Non-Tax Deductible Contributions. If you haven't already, you will want to make sure that you have created a Non-Tax Deductible Fund to assign to your Form so that Breeze can report them accurately. (More > Contributions > Funds > Create New Fund) ** Make sure that the Checkbox is UNCHECKED. **  Breeze does not include Non-Tax Deductible payments on Contribution Statements by Default, however, you can customize your Statement to include that information if desired. mceclip1.png
  • Add the Transaction Fees to your Total Price - Of course, every Online Transaction has Fees attached to it. Forms can only accept Credit/Debit Cards which have a Fee of 2.9% + .30 per Transaction. The suggestion would be to add this fee to your Total so that you receive the full amount of your payment. You can use the Payment Title or a Section Description to alert the customer that their Payment includes the Transaction Fee. 
  • Send a payment confirmation back to the donor - those that are paying through a form will not automatically receive a confirmation of payment, as is expected with Web / Text giving. By Editing the Form Settings, you can use the mail merge options for [ENTRY_DETAILS] in the confirmation email & page to let donors know how much they paid through that form. 

Note: Online giving needs to be enabled first. If you have not enabled online giving and completed verification you may receive the following error message:

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  • Do you have a way to give individuals a registration coupon or discount? I don't want to use the customizable price because we won't have control over who decides they need a scholarship to register. 

  • Hey there - great question.  There is not a way to enter in promo/coupon codes at this time. 

    Here are some things that I have personally done at my church as a workaround.

    1. Have the person who is receiving the discount register at a specific time.  Just before that, add in a price variation and it call it something like "Administrative Use Only" so people know not to click it (and hopefully they won't if they happen to be registering at the exact same time) and then as soon as they've registered, remove that price option. 
    2. Have them pay the full price and then give them a partial refund. We did this at our VBS camp last year for the leaders children.  We just had them pay the full amount, and then you can give a partial refund by following the directions here: Refunding Online Giving
    3. Add a "pay by cash/check" option on the registration and then make that payment about $0 which will take away the payment area.  Then collect the discounted registration amount from that person in a cash/check form.

    I hope this has been helpful! 

  • I've used payments before, but on one of my forms the credit card section is separated from the payment drop down. I tried moving it several times, but the payment option is in the middle of my form and the credit card is at the end of my form? Can I get these together or does payment have to come at the end of a form?

  • Hi office! 

    Great question! At this time there is not a way to change that, by default the payment will come at the end of the form. I wish I had better news! Thanks for your understanding and being a Breeze Hero in your congregation and community! Keep up the great work!

  • We'd like to be able to track who has paid and who hasn't. Especially with camps, we want to get registrations (and sometimes an initial deposit) before expecting a full payment to come in. And of course, the form is a static 'snapshot' of the point in time when someone has registered; it doesn't update when someone has paid unless we manually edit the form. So, the trick is to know who is still needing to pay and being able to send them a quick reminder.

    One idea I just had was to create an admin only event (perhaps for the payment due date) and then assign all form respondents to a tag that would be associated with this event. For example, "Man Camp Payments." Then I could 'check in' eveyone who has paid and those who who are not checked in are the ones who haven't been checked in would be the ones I can email/text!

  • Hey Shelly,

    Thanks for your feedback on this.  While you're right, we don't have anything that will tell you the status of their payment on the forms end of things, it's possible that you could use pledges to make this happen.  You could treat their registration payment as a "pledge" campaign and then you'd be able to track their payments that way.

    It all depends on how exactly you're gathering the payment information, but it could be worth investigating! Here's some information on pledge: Managing Pledges

  • Oooh! Better yet! I'm going to look into that one. Thanks!

  • The payment module seems to only let me accept CC/Debit. Why not ACH like the giving module?

    Also, is there a way to aggregate payments from a single form into one batch separated from other gifts?


  • Like Demetrius, we would like to allow the payment option of ACH transfers on our forms but don't see an option for that.

  • Hi there!

    Forms are super helpful when it comes to creating a point of connection with your congregation. At this time the only way to accept payments on forms is via debit and credit cards. 


  • Things this needs to be comparable/competitive with other systems I've used.

    1. Accept ACH payment as well as credit card.

    2. Be able to offer different discounts/scholarship codes to individuals.

    3. Accept/track payments including partial payments.

  • we are initiating breeze and subsplash giving. can subsplash be integrated so we can accept payment on forms?

  • Hey @darrell!

    While you can integrate with Subsplash, payments through forms can only be processed by Breeze, PayPal, or Stripe at this time. 

  • So, is there any disadvantage in going with Breeze for online giving other than cost? It seems like keeping tithing and payments from same source would be easier for reconciliation etc... I guess how does Breeze compare with subsplash for online giving.

  • Hey @darrell!

    Great question!

    Online giving - good question. We don't aim to be the bottom-of-the-barrel pricing wise but we do aim to give phenomenal value and ease-of-use at a rate that we think makes sense.

    For example, while our credit card percent fee is 2.9% compared to PayPal's 2.2% (for non-profits), ours includes built-in reconciliation and text giving. In another vein, PayPal, last I saw, doesn't seem to offer easy ACH giving which our platform does (at 1%). Hopefully that's helpful on a couple of areas to think along. At the end of the day, we have a lot of integrations so you can choose what makes the most sense for you as not every church is looking for the same features.

    Benefits of using our Integrated Breeze Payments:

    • Everything all in one place; no third party software to use or manage
    • Complimentary Giving Website and Embeddable Form
    • Complimentary Text Giving
    • Auto Entry of Contribution in Breeze for Donor Year-End Statements
    • Member Access to Manage Recurring Donations and Review Giving History
    • Staff Workload Reduction in payment processing (as compared to in-person giving), will not need to enter contributions into Breeze, connect to people, or bring to bank
    • Full Reconciliation Reports provided with Bank Transfers

    For more details, here's a link to our fees:

    We do believe in providing you choice for your payment processors. While we've built a lot of automation into the administrative side of Breeze Payments, you're welcome to utilize third-party auto and manual providers. 

    ​More info on that here:(you will see a link to Subsplash within this link as well)

  • We're current Breeze customers and wanted to know what's upcoming on your roadmap and also if any of the following have dates for when they'll be added as of yet?

    Accepting ACH Payments on forms.

    Accepting and tracking payments (this would include deposits, etc.).

    Offering discount/scholarship codes on forms.3. Accept/track payments including partial payments.



  • Hey y'all!

    Thanks so much for your feedback! This is super helpful! Great conversation here on accepting other forms of payments on Forms. I especially love the discount code idea too. I don't have an exact ETA on our upcoming roadmap updates but I can tell you our development team is always working on updates. We are always looking for great ideas! All our updates and changes have all been by listening to folks like yourself who drive us to be the best CHMS we can be.

    Don't forget to check out our blog of all our updates: 

    Please know that these requests do not fall on deaf ears. I will certainly bring this up to our team.

    We love hearing feedback and appreciate your requests. Please check out

    Keep up the great work and if we can be of additional support, please don't hesitate to reach out. 





  • Hi. We are having an event and want to make ticket sales available online. We were hoping to do this through breeze. We have an adult price and a child price. I see how a person can choose either adult or child ticket, but how can they choose to pay for multiple of the same thing. i.e. - a family of two adults and two kids want to purchase tickets to the events. How can breeze registration form handle this to have the right payment be charged. Thanks.

  • Hi @merari!

    Here's an article that might be helpful: Managing Event Registrations for Your Church

    But essentially you can set payment options in the payment field in your Form.  You can set them up like this:

    • 1 Adult ticket ($50)
    • 2 tickets ($100)
    • etc.
    • 1 Child Ticket ($10)
    • 2 Child Ticket ($20)
    • etc
  • Thanks I figured it out and did something similar.. I added different sections and within each section created a payment section.. 

    So I created a header for Adult Tickets and payment for 1 Adult Ticket $45, 2 Adult Tickets $90, 3 Adult Tickets $135, 4 Adult Tickets etc, then a section for Child Tickets - 1 Child Ticket $22, 2 Child Tickets $44, etc.. 

    I also realized we have to include a 0 Adult Tickets - $0 and 0 Child Ticket - $0 options because it defaulted to 1 each and totaled that up, but wanted to give an option for adults with no kids to attend, etc.. 

  • Hey @merari!

    You are most welcome! That is great news! Glad you were able to find a solution!

    If you have any additional questions please don't hesitate to let me know! We’re open 9am - 6pm (Eastern), Monday - Friday. Reach us by phone (888.320.6030) or email us here.

    We're always here to be a resource to you and your church.

  • Is there a way to require payment prior to hitting the submit button?

    Does one need special access to associate attendees with profiles?


    THank you.

  • HI @byhisgrc!

    If there is a numeric payment amount such as $10 then it will require them to enter payment details before submitting.

    Yes, you'd need to be able to edit the entries and have access to people to be able to connect the profiles. 

    Please contact our Support team and we'd love to go over the users and roles and make sure you are able to do connect entries with the profiles. 

    Happy Breezing! 

  • What kinds of credit/debit cards are accepted on Breeze? 

  • Hello @dtate!

    Any! Since we only accept credit/debit payments online:
    Here are a few options:
    -Use a personal credit/debit card. I understand this may mean additional expending/reimbursing for you. I apologize for this inconvenience.
    -Get a business credit (or debit) card with a $100 limit just to handle the monthly Breeze cost.
    -Get a prepaid Credit card (Visa/MC/Discover/AMEX) from a local grocery store/pharmacy and load it with money to pay for Breeze. Please note there may be instructions for registering this card (with the card issuer) before you can make online purchases.

    Happy Breezing!

  • I'm sorry, I don't think my question was worded correctly, I am wondering for our church members that are using one of our registration forms, can they input any kind of debit/credit card? Or is Visa and Mastercard their only options?

  • Hey @dtate, 

    That's a great question!  We accept all types of credit cards in the US.  In Canada we accept Visa, Discover, and American Express.  However, American Express processing fees are different.  See Online Giving Fees here.

    Stay Breezy!

  • Is there any way to create a registration form and allow people to make partial payment by Credit Card?  When I set up a registration form, it only seems to allow people to pay in full.

  • Hi @Charlotte!

    Great question! At this time, there is not an option for partial payment. The best option would be to either use 0 which will bypass the payment section altogether (helpful if including multiple payment options and one should be "Pay Later") or leave blank which will then prompt the user to enter an amount. At my church we use the blank option and then they can pay again later online or drop a check off with the rest of the amount owed.

    While this may not be the breeziest answer, I do hope the information is most helpful.


  • Hi All,

    Looking for a quick clarification - can we use a 3rd party (Subsplash) for online giving and at the same time, use Breeze to process form registrations and fees?  We haven't set up any online giving yet, and the initial setup looked rather either/or to me.