Accepting Payments on Forms

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    Do you have a way to give individuals a registration coupon or discount? I don't want to use the customizable price because we won't have control over who decides they need a scholarship to register. 

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    Hey there - great question.  There is not a way to enter in promo/coupon codes at this time. 

    Here are some things that I have personally done at my church as a workaround.

    1. Have the person who is receiving the discount register at a specific time.  Just before that, add in a price variation and it call it something like "Administrative Use Only" so people know not to click it (and hopefully they won't if they happen to be registering at the exact same time) and then as soon as they've registered, remove that price option. 
    2. Have them pay the full price and then give them a partial refund. We did this at our VBS camp last year for the leaders children.  We just had them pay the full amount, and then you can give a partial refund by following the directions here: Refunding Online Giving
    3. Add a "pay by cash/check" option on the registration and then make that payment about $0 which will take away the payment area.  Then collect the discounted registration amount from that person in a cash/check form.

    I hope this has been helpful! 

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    I've used payments before, but on one of my forms the credit card section is separated from the payment drop down. I tried moving it several times, but the payment option is in the middle of my form and the credit card is at the end of my form? Can I get these together or does payment have to come at the end of a form?

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    Emily W.

    Hi office! 

    Great question! At this time there is not a way to change that, by default the payment will come at the end of the form. I wish I had better news! Thanks for your understanding and being a Breeze Hero in your congregation and community! Keep up the great work!

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    We'd like to be able to track who has paid and who hasn't. Especially with camps, we want to get registrations (and sometimes an initial deposit) before expecting a full payment to come in. And of course, the form is a static 'snapshot' of the point in time when someone has registered; it doesn't update when someone has paid unless we manually edit the form. So, the trick is to know who is still needing to pay and being able to send them a quick reminder.

    One idea I just had was to create an admin only event (perhaps for the payment due date) and then assign all form respondents to a tag that would be associated with this event. For example, "Man Camp Payments." Then I could 'check in' eveyone who has paid and those who who are not checked in are the ones who haven't been checked in would be the ones I can email/text!

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    Hey Shelly,

    Thanks for your feedback on this.  While you're right, we don't have anything that will tell you the status of their payment on the forms end of things, it's possible that you could use pledges to make this happen.  You could treat their registration payment as a "pledge" campaign and then you'd be able to track their payments that way.

    It all depends on how exactly you're gathering the payment information, but it could be worth investigating! Here's some information on pledge: Managing Pledges

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    Oooh! Better yet! I'm going to look into that one. Thanks!

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