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We can import your data from a previous system into Breeze at no charge.

Transferring your data to a new system can be a hassle. That's why we'll do it for you at no extra charge when you sign up. Prefer to do it yourself? Breeze makes it easy to import your current data; whether you are using another church management tool or simply a handful of Excel files, you can bulk import your data to be up and running in moments. For a brief walk-through on importing, watch the video above. For detailed documentation on importing, click here.

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  • I tried copying and pasting all of my data that filled the columns A-W as seen in the template, uploaded the csv which was successful but there showed the new 32 additional people but without any content. Please advise.

  • Hi a4nee!

    Happy to help! If you can send an email to our Support team with this information and with the file, we are more than happy to take a look at the file and offer next steps. Our email is

    You can also have our import team handle your entire import for you as well, you can check out this great article that explains the process here: Complimentary Import Process Explained

    Happy Breezing!