Using an Accounting System/General Ledger with Breeze

Breeze is all about donor management. So this means Breeze will track your individual donations, prepare year-end statements, and manage pledges.

Best Practice 

  1. Let Breeze track individual donations
  2. Use an accounting system like Quickbooks or Aplos for Fund Accounting/General Ledger
In this setup, you'd only be transferring total income by fund from Breeze to your accounting system. This would be done by manually typing the fund totals from Breeze into Quickbooks. The Quickbooks Extension in Breeze is not best practice, but we do make it available should you be interested in copying all individual donations from Breeze over to Quickbooks and matching them up with customers over there. In our opinion, it creates a reconciliation nightmare. 


For live giving transactions at your church services, you will reconcile from the batch in which you entered those donations. (You will manually type the fund totals found at the bottom of this batch report.) Not sure where to find this? Check out this article on Batches. 

For online giving, use the Transfer History Report. You can use the totals listed in this report, or the provided Excel file, to manually enter monies into your accounting software. (We don't recommend using the "Online Giving batches" in Giving > Batches as these will not always match your transfers.)

You may also wish to enter the fee total as a negative amount in QuickBooks to ensure you’re tracking those giving fees for the year.

For more information, take a look at the article Reconciling Online Giving

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