Reconciling Online Giving

Looking for year-end online giving reconciliation? See End-of-Year (or fiscal year) Online Giving Accounting Reconciliation

Overview: Breeze's Contributions Section is a Donor-Management Tool with an Online Giving Processing Platform built in. This article shows the best method to reconcile Breeze Online Giving with an Accounting System (like Quickbooks or Aplos). For a full explanation on why we don't recommend using the Batches section for reconciliation, or for more information about how Breeze and an Accounting System should interact, see: Using an Accounting System/General Ledger with Breeze.

Getting a Reconciliation Report for Online Giving

With Breeze managing your online giving, it is very easy to view the donations that make up a given deposit (transfer) into your bank account.1 Breeze will show you specific details relating to each transfer such as gross amounts, transaction fees, notes, the batch the payment was automatically put into,  and net amounts. To view this:

  1. Navigate to "More" > "Contributions" > "Online Giving."
  2. Towards the bottom of the screen click on the "Transfers" tab. 
  3. Set your desired Filters (most recent will populate by default). 
  4. click the "View Payments" link in the Details column, This will take you to the Payments Tab and will automatically set the filter for the specific transfer you clicked to view. 
1You're only able to see what payments make up a given transfer if you're using automatic transfers, not manual transfers. Transfers will not necessarily align with batches as different payments may take different amounts of time to become available for transfer. You should only reconcile the "Paid" transfers (not "Scheduled" since those aren't set-in-stone yet).


Transfer Time Zone Note:  When exporting the transfer report to Excel, the report will show in UTC time zone rather than the time zone set within your Breeze account. This can cause some differences in reconciliation when donors give late in the evening causing it to be next day in UTC.


Transfer Report vs. Batch Report

While the Transfer Report shows gross totals, total processing fees, and net totals, batch reports exclusively show gross totals only. All totals found in the Reports section of Breeze (More > Contributions > Reports), are gross totals as this area is designed for donor reports and statements. This means that these reports do not figure in the Credit/Debit Card and ACH transaction fees that are taken out of the payment during processing.

Another reason we don't recommend reconciliation from Batches is that this section captures when Online/Text payments are initiated (when the donor sent their text or filled out the Online Giving page), and not when the payments are actually processed and transferred into your bank account. Because these payments don't process immediately (learn more abut processing times here), the dates shown in the Reports section will differ from the date you actually received the payments.  

Breeze's Reports section shows the gross totals and initiation date of Online/Text gifts so that quarterly/year-end statements properly reflect the totals given from donors, as well as the date that the donor made the contribution on their end.


Searching for a Transfer within a Contribution Batch 

If you'd like to run a search within Breeze to edit a contribution

  1. Navigate to "More > Contributions > Reports."
  2. On the filter near the top, select "More" and add the "Transfers" search criteria to the list.
  3. Click "Transfers" and select the transfer(s) you'd like to see details for.
  4. The payments the transfer(s) consist of will appear in the search results (Gross-only).
1Note that this will show the full/gross amounts given. If you're interested in viewing fees or net amounts, use the option in the preceding section ("Getting a Reconciliation Report for Online Giving").



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  • So how do you prepare a monthly report showing everything that actually got deposited into our bank account? From what I am reading it does not sound like I can get that all in one report. It sounds like I'd have to do one report for cash and checks, and a separate report for online giving. Is that right?

  • @office

    You can create a report of your actual deposits! See here: 

    The reporting section should be able to help you get any information you need concerning this. 


  • I would like to request that envelope numbers be listed in the transfer history if envelope numbers have been set. We use the weekly transfer history to track our deposits and donor contributions in a third-party, offline system and this would help us with our reconciliations all the way around; from tracking donor information to our general bookkeeping.

    Thank you for your consideration!

  • @Stephen Ivey

    I reviewed the video you posted and checked it out myself. The only issue we have with this method is that it does not list the fees that were taken from each transfer (which you mention in the video). We would love to see that information here so that we can use one report for all of the areas we track information. We have a separate third-party, offline solution for tracking donor information/contributions. Then we have another third-party, offline bookkeeping solution. These are important to our church keeping checks and balances, as well as accountability. We need to be able to use one report for both solutions so that we cut down on paper to save on storage. Not to mention it is just best if all parties are working from the same document.

  • Stephen Ivey,

    For some time now, I have been requesting the same information, I believe, as "office" above.  Your video demo above says that this report includes "the AMOUNT that was actually deposited into your account".  I'm sorry, but it does NOT.  It ONLY includes the GROSS amount of the gift.  The amount that was actually deposited into our account is the gross amount MINUS YOUR FEES!!  The amount that was actually deposited into our account is the column titled "Net Transferred" in the Transfer History.

    For those of us that work in accounting, THESE (Gross, Fees & Refunds, and Net Transferred) ARE THE NUMBERS WE NEED TO HAVE!!  I realize that it IS available in the transfer history, but the only way to print this information is to do a screen grab and put it in another application and print from that application.  Your window is not sizable, so we are limited by how much information we can get at a time.  This results in MANY pages, just a few lines at a time.

    I would like to be able to go to Reports and to select a Transfer (which I have to go to "More" to select) and to get all the information I need in one place.

    PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE!!!!  It seems so simple -- just give us the choice to select Gross, Fees & Refunds, and Net Transferred as COLUMNS to choose IN REPORTS!!  That would give us all the information we need in ONE PLACE on ONE PAGE.

    Each time I go to Reports, I see your line "Looking for online giving details (fees, gross, net, etc)? Use the reconciliation report."  Clicking on that does NOT send me to a reconciliation REPORT.  It sends me to directions for the Transfer History.  Transfer History is NOT a REPORT!

    PLEASE!  We need this information in a REPORT!!!!!!!!

    All of us accountants would be grateful for this information.  Thank you!!

  • @wrccbookkeeper

    Thanks for reaching out to the Forum! I can certainly understand your frustration here, especially when it seems like the solution is simple. I can assure you that our Team is very aware of your needs and are taking steps to ensure that we provide the best product we possibly can for the price that we are offering it for. As you stated, the Transfer History Report is still the best place to find the Net and Refund information that is necessary for Reconciliation. 

    Thank you for your patience with us as we seek to make Breeze as useful as it can be for you!

  • We are new to Breeze and have this same issue.  Can you please give us an indication of when/if this will be fixed.  It is going to be a big problem for our accounting staff and I would like them to actually like Breeze.

  • @techsupport

    Thanks for reaching out to us! Unfortunately, I am unable to guarantee or forecast the implementation of such a feature, however, there is a way to get all of the information that is required to reconcile. That is by using the Contribution Report and the Transfer History Report. Both of these documents contain information that you will need to reconcile! 

    See here: Viewing Transfer Reports and Transfer History

    Thank you!

  • We have move most of our on-line donations to be completed via Zelle.  It's a FREE to transfer payments between banks and works great and eliminates the 3-5% fees that we were being charged.

    These donations show up in our bank with the name of the donor and how they want their contribution applied (General fund, Building, Outreach...).  How do I import these into Breeze?

  • @Finance

    Here's a great article on how to import your giving into Breeze: Import Giving

    Please let us know how we can continue to serve you!

  • Couldn't it just be as simple as adding a "Print" button on the Transfer History page?

  • @iowadistrictupci

    Thanks for the feedback here! We are currently making changes to our online giving platform that we believe will be very helpful to our customers. Concerning the transfer history page, The best way to print this would be to right-click the screen or highlight the desired data that you would like printed! We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience that this may cause you in the meantime.

    Please let us know how we can continue to serve you!

  • Mr. Ivey,

    I have tried right-clicking the screen and highlighting the desired data that I would like to have printed, but unfortunately what I have received is whatever is BEHIND the POP-UP window that is the Transfer History.  Yes, I have made certain my cursor is within the pop-up window, even tried it on the title of the window, but all I can get is the screen behind it.  Have you been successful in actually getting the payment information on the Transfer History pop-up window to print?  I genuinely would like to be able to do this, too.

    I have discovered that if I select the entire area I can SOMETIMES then copy and paste it into a blank Excel worksheet.  This isn't always successful, and I haven't figured out what I am doing differently when it won't work.  Your "download as Excel" option just doesn't provide all the information I need. 

    This copy and paste is the best workaround I have found so far.

  • We have been opening the transfer history pop-up in the Google Chrome browser. Then, we select a week that we want to view. Once that detail window is open we highlight the text in that window, right-click the highlighted area, and select "print" from the menu. We have been able to print the info from each week's deposits from there.

    I hope this helps.

  • @wrcbookkeeper

    Thanks for the additional clarity here! I'm transferring this over to support so that we can give you more personal clarification!


  • @office

    Great work! This is exactly what we suggest here. Thanks for your feedback!

  • We too are having trouble with finding a report hat gives all the information that our volunteer financial secretary and treasurer are looking for.  Simple things like including the envelope numbers for the people if they have one and the break down of fees by fund when you download the Excel file from the transfer history. I understand that you can "print screen" so to speak when you have the transfer pop-up open.  But we shouldn't have to do that when you give us the option to download an Excel file.  Though we use Breeze for our online giving, we don't currently use Breeze to track our contributions and this isn't making it any easier to make the argument to switch.

  • @jeff

    Thanks for reaching out to us! 

    We certainly understand how a few of these limitations can be frustrating for you. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience that this may cause you. Your feedback is helpful and useful in continuing to develop Breeze to be effective for our customers. We appreciate your patience with us as we continue to make changes moving forward!

  • Hello all.

    A big thank you to Stephen Ivey for reaching out personally to help with this situation.  While I believe there is still a great amount of improvement to be made here, he did help with one big issue with all of this.  While in the Transfer History pop-up, you can indeed select everything and right-click and print it all at once -- IF YOU ARE IN CHROME!!! I had been using Explorer, as our bank still requires it, and this does NOT work in Explorer.  To SAVE the information, I still have to select it all and then copy and paste into Excel.  The "Download as Excel" still doesn't contain all the information that's on the Transfer History, so it is basically useless.  It only contains the individual amounts (though it does have all the information - gross, fees, and net) and not the fund amounts or totals.

    It would still be nice to get ALL the information in a SINGLE report.  But this one thing does make it a LOT easier!

  • @wrccbookkeeper

    Thank you! I'm so glad that information was useful for you. Blessings!

  • This has been an ongoing issue for us as well. I export my data to excel and create the reports I need and have to remember to date the reports when I am done. I had an online chat with someone from Breeze several months ago that mentioned the same points that have been stated here. Honestly, this is the one huge complaint I have with Breeze and am happy to hear they are working on a solution. Printing a simple report should be simple, not complicated. It takes me and extra 30 min or so each month to take care of this "simple" issue that I hope is resolved soon.


  • @kathy

    Thanks for the feedback here Kathy! We appreciate your patience with us as we continue to develop Breeze. 

  • I can't find a simple report that shows the daily balance in our Breeze account. I see money in (donations made) and money out (fees and transfers processed) but since the donations and batches don't match up nicely with the transfer amounts/timeline, I can't reconcile my breeze account without a report showing the breeze daily balance. I understand you are making changes right now; is this a report that exists currently, that I am just not understanding how to find? Thanks

  • I am not able to reconcile my regular pledges due to batching of online transactions. I manually enter all check and cash contributions to a batch, then transfer to our QB. I use the transfer history to input the online transactions to our QB, and I separate the bank fees from the pledge income.
    It seems impossible for me to run a reconciliation report to verify my inputs from Breeze Pledge Income to QB Pledge Income. I use Breeze 'reports' and filter pledge income for a period of time, but within that report, the dates from online transactions are actual purchase dates, not transfer dates.. so I end up with numbers in QB that are accumulated and scattered between months (and at year end to start of new year!), and no reconciliation report from breeze to compare. 

    Please help! How can I prove my entries to QB match received in Breeze?

  • We print each of the transfer batches by going into Online Giving. Then, in the Payments tab, we select the Transfers button. This then allows us to view each of the transfers by the date of the transfer. Unless it is end of year, we enter all of the transactions for the transfer with the transfer date. Our bookkeeping and donor information is actually handled by two different people in different systems (Peachtree for bookkeeping, and Power Church+ for the donors).

  • Thanks, Office!
    Are you saying someone enters each individual donation from Breeze to Peachtree so the dates can be batched in peachtree? Thats cumbersome, and takes away from the point of using breeze as the tracker for this purpose. I am trying to match lump sums for reconciliation. Currently, I review and download the excel file for each transfer. This transfer amount is entered to QB.  Since the lump sum of the transfer includes individual donations that are spread over a period of time, I am not able to find a report to verify that what I Breeze says has transferred to the bank matches anything else.
    I should be able to run report in breeze for 2019 Pledge Income that would match what I have entered to QB, which would be a combination of my batches and the online transfers. 
    In breeze, I go to reports and filter the fund 2019 Pledges. No date restriction. This tallies $7,472.02 different from my entries to QBO. 
    HOW would I reconcile this difference if I cannot get an accurate report for the online batches vs transfers? The dates are throwing me off. I can match all of my manual batches, but the online is all over the place. 

  • @Tgill

    Thanks for taking the moment to reach out to us here! We would love to be able to follow-up this conversation on our support side so that we can make sure you get all of the information that you need. We look forward to speaking with you soon. 

  • I would like to reiterate that it would be very helpful to have one report that has not only the BAtch results, but also the gross amount credited to each fund, the fees that were taken out of the transactions, and net that was deposited to the church's accounts for each fund.  The need to run several reports and then do manual calculations to get final results seems outdated.


  • Hey @webmaster!

    Thanks so much for reaching out and for the incredible feedback. We so appreciate this as we move forward in continuing to make Breeze the best it can be. I can see how helpful this report could be and wanted to share a few helpful resources below. 

    I wanted to share that we do have a report that calculates this all for you. In the transfer history report, it includes each of these fields:gross amount, transaction fee and net deposit, giving you a breakdown of each of these. Here's more on this now: View Transfer History

    Also, please see above in the Transfers Report vs Batch Report section for further clarification as to why we recommend use the Transfer section instead of the batch section.

    We do have a formal "Feature Request" form if you have a few minutes to fill it out for our developer team to review - we're always looking for ways to make Breeze better especially this area of Breeze! Here's the link:Submitting Feature Requests

    While this may not be the ideal answer you were hoping for, I do hope the information is helpful.

    Happy Breezing!

  • We have actually found that this downloadable table (Transfer report) functions well for our purposes, but I realize every church operates a little differently.  I'm not sure what more could be done to make it look more official, other than adding a report heading and date range that downloads with the data?  But for our purposes, the Transfer reports have been extremely helpful.  Thanks, Breeze, for all your hard work and constantly laboring to make it even better!