Reconciling Online Giving

Looking for year-end online giving reconciliation? See End-of-Year (or fiscal year) Online Giving Accounting Reconciliation

Overview: Breeze's Giving Section is a Donor-Management Tool with an Online Giving Processing Platform built in. This article shows the best method to reconcile Breeze Online Giving with an Accounting System (like Quickbooks or Aplos). For a full explanation on why we don't recommend using the Batches section for reconciliation, or for more information about how Breeze and an Accounting System should interact, see: Using an Accounting System/General Ledger with Breeze.

Getting a Reconciliation Report for Online Giving

With Breeze managing your online giving, it is very easy to view the donations that make up a given deposit (transfer) into your bank account.1 Breeze will show you specific details relating to each transfer such as gross amounts, transaction fees, notes, the batch the payment was automatically put into,  and net amounts. To view this:

  1. Navigate to "Giving" > "Online Giving."
  2. Towards the bottom of the screen click on the "Transfers" tab. Screen
  3. Set your desired Filters (the most recent will populate by default). 
  4. Click the "View Payments" link in the Details column; this will take you to the Payments Tab and will automatically set the filter for the specific transfer you clicked to view. 
1You're only able to see what payments make up a given transfer if you're using automatic transfers, not manual transfers. Transfers will not necessarily align with batches as different payments may take different amounts of time to become available for transfer. You should only reconcile the "Paid" transfers (not "Scheduled" since those aren't set-in-stone yet).
Transfer Time Zone Note:  When exporting the transfer report to Excel, the report will show in UTC time zone rather than the time zone set within your Breeze account. This can cause some differences in reconciliation when donors give late in the evening causing it to be next day in UTC.

Transfer Report vs. Batch Report

While the Transfer Report shows gross totals, total processing fees, and net totals, batch reports exclusively show gross totals only. All totals found in the Reports section of Breeze (Giving > Reports), are gross totals as this area is designed for donor reports and statements. This means that these reports do not figure in the Credit/Debit Card and ACH transaction fees that are taken out of the payment during processing.

Another reason we don't recommend reconciliation from Batches is that this section captures when Online/Text payments are initiated (when the donor sent their text or filled out the Online Giving page), and not when the payments are actually processed and transferred into your bank account. Because these payments don't process immediately (learn more abut processing times here), the dates shown in the Reports section will differ from the date you actually received the payments.  

Breeze's Reports section shows the gross totals and initiation date of Online/Text gifts so that quarterly/year-end statements properly reflect the totals given from donors, as well as the date that the donor made the gift on their end.

Searching for a Transfer within a Giving Batch 

If you'd like to run a search within Breeze to edit a transaction

  1. Navigate to "Giving > Reports."
  2. On the filter near the top, select "More" and add the "Transfers" search criteria to the list.
  3. Click "Transfers" and select the transfer(s) you'd like to see details for.
  4. The payments the transfer(s) consist of will appear in the search results (Gross-only).
1Note that this will show the full/gross amounts given. If you're interested in viewing fees or net amounts, use the option in the preceding section ("Getting a Reconciliation Report for Online Giving").