Reconciling Online Giving

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    I really wish that the transfer history, payments, and more details popup windows were available AS REPORTS.  The information on your excel report just isn't as helpful (or easy to view with all the columns the same size) as what is on these popups.  But they are a pain to print - the only way I've found (and had confirmed by you) to print is to do a screen grab and print it out in another program after cropping the background clutter.  But this is quite unwieldy because I can't even make the popup bigger to accommodate more lines.  So I end up having to print several pages just to get all the lines of information.  THESE POPUPS CONTAIN THE INFORMATION I HAVE TO ENTER AS A BOOKKEEPER.  The excel report simply doesn't have all the information I need to have.  Even if all you do is make it so I can expand the popup windows, THAT would be very helpful.

    I do really like your whole program, except for this feature that I use every week.

    Thank you for your consideration.

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    I agree with wrccbookkeeper. The details on the pop-up are what is needed for bookkeeping. Also, we we need to have this information for just the batch or transfer date. Info from previous transfers do not need to be included in the report that is for a particular transfer.

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    Debbie Worthington

    I agree that this particular area is difficult. The explanation is long and difficult. I still don’t understand why the batch doesn’t match the transfer. At the very least, include the batch number next to the name on the transfer info. At least then I would have a fighting chance at reconciling to our bank statement. Also only include the transfers made in the month. This is going to be cumbersome at the end of the year.

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