Changing the Bank Account for Online Giving Transfers

Breeze is designed to work with one bank account. While we provide the ability to add more bank accounts this function is intended to let you update your banking information rather than have multiple bank accounts to transfer to. 

To change the bank account for your online giving transfers:

  1. Select "Giving".
  2. Select "Online Giving" on the left toolbar
  3. In the top Next Transfer Box (at the top of the screen), it will state "$XXX (amount) will transfer to BANK ACCOUNT (ending in XXXX) on Date (change)". Hit the word (change). 1
  4. On the Transfer to Bank Account box click "Add or Remove Bank Account"
  5. On the Manage Bank Accounts box you can input new bank information (account and routing number) and "Add Account" or use the "Remove Accounts" link in the bottom left to remove an old bank account. 


1If using manual transfers you will select “(make transfer or change settings)"
Only Checking Accounts can be added to transfer funds to.

Best practice for multiple bank accounts:

  1. Let Breeze track individual donations.
  2. Use an accounting system like Quickbooks or Aplos for Fund Accounting/General Ledger.
  3. Have one bank account for online giving and then disperse those funds later on by cutting checks or doing transfers.
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