Viewing Online Giving Payments

The "Payments" tab of Online Giving allows you to easily view the payment details of transfers sent to your bank account, as well as easily run reports on the total payments received in a given time frame, and the fund breakdown for that report. 

Viewing Payments

  • Navigate to "Giving" > "Online Giving."
  • Towards the bottom of the screen click on the "Payments" tab. 
    1. By default, the report pulls in the Most Recent 10 payments, but you can also narrow your search of payments by using the Report Filters at the top, you can filter by Week, Transfer, Month, Quarter, or Year. 
    2. Use the filter drop-down bar that corresponds with the filter you selected to more narrowly filter your options. 
    3. Use the clickable Report Columns (Fund, Gross, Fees & Refunds, Net Total) for more advanced sorting within your results.
    4. Collapsable / Expandable Sections 


Reporting on Payments

In the Funds Overview section, when reporting on Payments, you can view payments received by month, for the specific funds, by expanding the fund row.



You can easily print or export the payments page, based on the filters you have selected by clicking the arrow to the right of the Download as Excel option in the upper right corner. This will allow you to choose to print or download as excel. If you print, only the information visible on your screen will appear. If you collapsed sections, such as the Payments, Total Overview, or Funds Overview, they will appear collapsed on the printed version, omitting that information from the report. 


Icons on the Payment Page

  • Pending Gifts (Clock)

A clock will show beside the payment type as an indicator that the gift is still processing. If you hover over the clock, it will tell when the gift is expected to process fully. 

Credit and Debit Cards can take 2 business days to process and for funds to be made available for transfer. ACH Gifts take 6 to 7 business days to process and for funds to be made available for transfer. 


  • Recurring Gift Indicator (Circle with Arrow)

This circle with an arrow indicates that the gift is set up as a recurring gift.  


  • Unverified (Hide Details)

If a transaction is edited, it will not change the amount that was actually given online and you will see a notification letting you know that the stored record and the Online Payment do not match. The Online Giving Report will always show the details of the actual gift. If a gift was edited, you will see an Unverified warning, similar to the alert below in the payments tab, this is to serve as an indicator that things don’t match up as you are reconciling. 


  • Split Fund (Calculator)

When calculating the fee and net amounts per fund, Breeze needs to round to the nearest penny. It’s possible, however, that this process rounds-off a remainder (thousandths digit and beyond). When done multiple times, this can add up to a difference of one penny in either the positive or negative. For this view, we’ve adjusted this fund in your list accordingly by $0.01 so that the amounts will balance.

This does not increase the actual fee you were charged, since the fee was on the total amount given. In the fund overview, we are simply breaking that fee apart appropriately between the multiple funds, and sometimes that causes the need to round up by $0.01. 



  • Deleted Record of Gift (line in batch)

If you see s blank line in the batch number column it means that someone has deleted the local record of this gift in Breeze. Because you are unable to delete records from Online giving it will continue to remain in the Payments section, but there will be no gift found in batches or Giving reports. 

If the local record was deleted less than 30 days ago, it can be restored through Recovering Deleted Data. If it's been longer than 30 days, and you need a local copy of this gift for statement purposes, you will need to manually add it in through add giving transaction. 


  • Donor covered fee (heart)

If you have enabled Donor-Covered Fees, Donations where the donor has opted to cover the fees will appear in Online Giving Reporting accompanied by a heart icon, allowing you to easily differentiate between fees the church is responsible for, and fees with which donors have chosen to offset.