Handling In-Kind or Non-Cash Donations

Based on IRS Charitable Contributions - Written Acknowledgments

Recommended Best Practice for Recording In Kind or Non-Cash Donations in Breeze

Following the IRS guidelines, entering the description (but not value) of non-cash donation is recommended.

Therefore, entering a Total Amount of 0.00 (No "$") and a Note with clear description of the non-cash donation would look something similar to this:


When printing year-end statements, adding the Note column to your itemized list will include this description on the member statements.

Learn how to customize your statements to include the "note" section here

Recording the gift in your accounting system

Breeze intentionally limits its financial scope to tracking member contributions. Church accounting of non-cash donations should be done within your accounting system where you can properly record both credits and debits of non-cash donations.


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  • When I print out statements for tax credit there are all of the person's contributions for the year including fees that they may have paid to go to an activity with the youth or kids programs?  Those are obviously not counted as "giving", so what do I do about those being on their statement?

  • Hi @kcornett!

    You'll want to make sure that these gifts to the youth or kids programs are being designated to a non-tax deductible fund. Here's more information on the difference of these two types of funds...


    You'll adjust this by editing the contributions and changing it to a new fund (or if it's separated by fund already, just toggle the fund option in Funds to "non-tax deductible.) https://support.breezechms.com/hc/en-us/articles/360012286233-Editing-a-Contribution 

  • how do I record and print a non-cash dotation with a note and est. value? Do I place the value in the note?

  • Hi @pastorbeavers!

    Great question about recording estimated values! You are correct, the best place to track the value would be in the 'Note' when recording the donation. Very Breezy thinking :) 


  • If a member pledges $2,000 and gives $1,000 in a check and another $1,000 from a donor advised fund, how will Breeze show that their pledge has been met?


  • Hi Peggy! 

    A contribution will always count toward a pledge as long as it meets two requirements: it is within the date range the pledge is set for, and it goes to the correct fund(s) the pledge is set for. 

    In other words, the method by which it was given shouldn't affect the pledge being met at all. It will show that its been completed in their profile and on the Pledge Campaign page as well.

    I hope this helps! If you want to dive into this more, feel free to email us at support@breezechms.com and we can get more into the weeds about the specifics of the pledge and these gifts.

    Have a great day!