Getting a Report of Top Givers

Need a report of top givers for a period of time? Follow these steps to generate your report:

  1. Navigate to Giving
  2. Click “Reports” on the left.
  3. Use the “Date” field to search the timeframe you’d like.
  4. Click on "Amount" in the main search bar.
  5. Click on "Search by Sum." 
  6. Click on "Group by family" if you'd like family totals
  7. Now that your list is populated, click on the "Amount" header until dollar amounts are listed from largest to smallest. 

Now you have your top givers report! 

If you are working in just one calendar year, there is no need to group by year; if you are comparing years, then you would use the "Group by... (month, quarter, or year)" options. 


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