How to Report on Non-Givers

When you generate a giving report, Breeze only registers those who have given contributions.  Therefore, if someone hasn't given, they may fly under the radar because a giving transaction hasn't been added. If you need to find people that have not given within a specific date range, you can use multiple methods to find non-givers.

Method 1: The Givers vs. Non-Givers Graph

If you'd like to tag this group of donors, we'd recommend first Adding a New Tag before proceeding with these instructions.

  1. Navigate to "Giving > Reports."
  2. Select the criteria you'd like to search by using the filters at the top of the report.
  3. Below the Date filter at the top-left of the report, select the Graph icon.   mceclip0.jpg
  4. Scroll down to the Givers vs. Non-Givers graph. You can click on either group to view people. On the top right of the graph, you can filter by Individuals, Families, or Families (excluding children).
  5. When you've selected either group, you'll be presented with the Action Panel to perform actions on this group of people (like assigning them to your new tag).


If you'd like to access this exact report frequently, bookmark this website link on your browser to access your filtered report quickly.

Method 2: Tagging and Filtering out your Giving Households

  1. First, you'll want to create two new tags. Go to Tags > select a folder > Click Add Tag. We would recommend titling them "Givers (Date Range)" and "Non-Givers (Date Range)".  Example: Givers (1-1-21 thru 6-30-21).

  2. Next, go to Giving > Reports and select your date range. 

  3. Below the Date filter at the top of the report, select the Person icon.   mceclip3.jpg

  4. Now that you are viewing profiles look for the Action Panel on the right and select More Actions > Assign to Tags. Find the "Givers" tag you created and select it. Click Assign.

  5. Now, go to People, and click on Show More Filter Options on the left-hand side.  Scroll down to the Tags Category and click the drop-down arrow for Tag Contains > select your tag. You should now see a list of donors based on your giving report.

  6. Next, we'll need to include family members of these donors. Scroll on the filters, click the drop-down arrow for Search Type (under the Other category), and choose Family

  7. Now, scroll up to the Action Panel and select More Actions. Select Assign to Tag. Find your "Givers" tag, then click Assign. This will ensure you've included family members of donors as givers.

  8. This is your last and final step. Refresh your page by selecting People on the top navigation bar. Select Show More Filter Options. Then, scroll down to Tags > Does Not Contain >  and select your Givers tag. This will then display a list of those not in that Givers tag, showing you who has not donated in that period.

Here is how you can run Statements for Non-Givers.